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04:25:22  <mhilmi>I'm having trouble with deployment configurations - I want to use Cloud Foundry and don't see it as an option. The extension is marked as enabled.
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06:10:07  <mhilmi>So... Azure deployment does not work either. Anyone else have troubles?
06:12:19  <MerlinDMC>mhilmi, payment from germany sucks
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11:43:38  <zjk>Hi
11:44:02  <zjk>Can i use Compass framework in cloud9 ?
11:44:28  <zjk>+> http://compass-style.org/install/
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15:59:32  <hillct>creationix: you around?
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16:14:03  <hillct>creationix: I was describing yesterday in connect-architect appears to be that the architect plugin that exports session-store doesn't bind 'on', so in theory binding 'on' will address the issue assuming the underlying object subclasses event emitter. Testing shorly and if it works I'll post a fix
16:20:57  <hillct>creationix: That does seem to resolve the issue
16:21:08  <hillct>Will send a pull request shortly
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16:54:46  <creationix>hillct: I'm here now, did you figure it out?
16:54:59  <hillct>I did
16:55:04  <hillct>checkin in the fix now
16:55:29  <hillct>you'll see a pull request for connect-architect momenterily
16:55:40  <hillct>creationix: ^^
16:59:34  <creationix>hillct: cool. But just fyi, I haven't worked on connect itself in years, and I wasn't the one that wrote connect-architect
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17:02:22  <hillct>creationix: yeah. I thought you were listed as a maintainer of connect-architect, but if Fabian is the man, then I'm sure he'll handle it in due course
17:02:42  <hillct>creationix: in any case, the pull request is now in place
17:03:19  <creationix>hillct: nice work, looks good to me
17:03:20  <john3909>jkridner_: ping
17:03:26  <jkridner_>pong
17:03:57  * dannygquit (Quit: Leaving.)
17:04:05  <hillct>creationix: easy fix, one I worked out what the hell was actually going on. I guess all the most elegant code works that way in the end.
17:04:08  <john3909>jkridner: Are you aware of anyone who has managed to get a later version of Cloud9ide working on the Beagleboard?
17:04:14  * jimt_quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
17:04:53  <jkridner_>I'm not sure what the latest version is.
17:05:15  <jkridner_>What we got running in November was the latest that was publicly available at the time.
17:05:19  <john3909>jkridner: I managed to get nodejs v0.8.9 working and now I've managed to get the latest cloud9 code to build, but the browser does not connect
17:05:27  <creationix>jkridner_: it's pretty old, ~1 year I think
17:05:35  <jkridner_>We've been waiting for a newer version of Cloud9 IDE that ran on 0.6.x at least.
17:06:16  <jkridner_>we still run node 0.4.x for cloud9ide, then hack it to run all of the node.js scripts under 0.6.x
17:06:22  <john3909>The latest cloud9 does work on nodejs v0.9.0 which I built on my desktop
17:06:32  * jkridner_looks at the github for cloud9 to see what is new.
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17:06:50  <creationix>jkridner_: I know we run c9.io on 0.6.x
17:06:59  <creationix>and almost have 0.8.x support for the backend
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17:08:21  <john3909>jkridner_: Some of the packages I need require Nodejs v0.8 or higher so the current beagle cloud9 does not work for me
17:08:37  <jkridner_>creationix: that's great news. seems like we should move to 0.6.x for the distro on BeagleBone then.
17:08:56  <creationix>I'd move to 0.8 personally
17:08:57  <jkridner_>hmmm... already using 0.8 features, eh?
17:09:02  <jkridner_>k.
17:09:06  <creationix>I mean we're really close to deploying to 0.8
17:09:11  <creationix>the biggest change is the child process api
17:09:20  <creationix>which we use pretty heavily
17:09:57  <jkridner_>koen in #beagle has done most of the integration work into Angstrom.
17:10:02  <jkridner_>he's the distro maintainer.
17:10:13  <john3909>jkridner_: there is a pi branch of nodejs which works on the Beagle-xM and it version is somewhere between v0.8.8 and v0.9.0
17:10:30  <jkridner_>https://github.com/ajaxorg/cloud9 says loud and clear that 0.8.x won't work currently.
17:10:58  <jkridner_>I don't think nodejs would be as much of a challenge as cloud9.
17:11:16  <john3909>jkridner: I spoke to TooTallNate on #nodejs and he says it works fine with 0.8.x
17:11:40  <jkridner_>Again, we've just hacked the IDE to run newer nodejs versions.
17:12:04  <john3909>jkridner_: I can confirm that I have it running on my Ubuntu 12.04 and it looks pretty solid
17:12:08  <jkridner_>I don't know that you really need to up the rev of Cloud9 just to use 0.8 in your scripts.
17:13:15  <john3909>jkridner_: I tried to run the current beagleboard version with V0.8.9 and it throws some exception
17:15:17  <creationix>ok, I was just informed that cloud9 should run on 0.8.x
17:15:27  <creationix>I guess we need to update the README
17:15:55  <john3909>creationix: that is what I have heard from several people
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17:18:26  <jkridner_>john3909: have you tried running cloud9 on an old node and your scripts on a new node?
17:20:52  <jkridner_>the hack we have to run a different interpreter is as simple as: https://github.com/koenkooi/meta-oe/blob/master/meta-oe/recipes-devtools/cloud9/cloud9/0001-ide-use-node-as-interpreter-for-sketches-instead-of-.patch
17:21:18  <creationix>yeah, I think we do something like that too
17:21:37  <creationix>since the hosted version allows running user scripts as multiple node versions
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17:23:11  <john3909>jkridner_: sorry, I was answering your questions on #beagle
17:26:06  * jimt_quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
17:26:13  <john3909>jkridner_: What I've tried so far is to run the latest cloud9 with nodejs pi branch v0.8.9 and the old beagle cloud9 with the same nodejs. The old cloud9 throws and exception. The new one launches without error, but login with a browser does not get a response.
17:30:47  <john3909>jkridner_: there are several problems in building the latest cloud9 on beagle. libxml builds o3 with uses msse2 flags so I had to remove those in o3/wscript and o3/build/c4che/Release.cache.py
17:31:32  * Senachjoined
17:31:58  <john3909>jkridner_: One other thing I wasn't sure how to resolve, cloud9 doesn't want to run as uid = 0
17:33:17  <john3909>jkridner_: for now I just disabled that check and that is probably why the browser doesn't get a response
17:34:19  <creationix>john3909: that is just a security check
17:34:25  <creationix>it should work with the check disabled
17:34:39  <creationix>I just didn't want people accidentally exposing their fs as root to the internet
17:35:03  <creationix>regarding o3, I'm working to remove webdav and instead use vfs directly from the browser
17:35:15  <john3909>creationix: Good point. At the moment, it is listening on the port, but not responding to the browser
17:35:27  <creationix>john3909: yeah, dunno
17:36:17  <john3909>creationix: that would be a great help. Fixing the msse2 issue is difficult, because npm removes the source after an build error
17:37:04  <creationix>john3909: I should have it within roughly a month
17:37:30  <john3909>creationix: excellent. Any pointers on how to debug this problem?
17:37:33  * jimt_joined
17:37:41  <Senach>Hi all, I'm having trouble installing dnode in my workspace. Any pointers?
17:38:21  <Senach>Is dnode supported?
17:39:34  <creationix>Senach: it should just work, it's a pure js module
17:39:53  * jimtquit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
17:40:47  <Senach>creationix: npm is failing on install, something about node-gyp failing on a dependency (for weak)
17:41:17  <creationix>hmm, I guess he added a binary dependency
17:41:25  <creationix>that complicates things
17:41:43  <Senach>yeah, that isn't too hot
17:43:01  <creationix>senach, is this a new workspace?
17:43:07  <creationix>are you premium?
17:45:25  <Senach>Not a new workspace and yes on premium
17:55:03  <creationix>senach, if you use the real terminal, do you get make, gcc and friends?
17:55:45  * Dofsjoined
17:57:24  <Senach>creationix: yes (and have never used the real terminal before...)
17:57:46  <creationix>hmm, maybe weak needs some special headers
17:57:50  <creationix>I've never built is personally
17:58:07  <creationix>I know I can build luvit from source no problem on the new workspaces, so I know it builds most software
17:58:54  <creationix>Senach: and `npm install dnode` breaks in the same way in the real terminal?
17:59:41  <Senach>creationix: Just did that -- it works!
17:59:51  * `3rdEdenjoined
18:00:06  <Senach>Let me test it
18:00:06  <creationix>I guess the console runs in the weird environment that's missing some stuff
18:00:28  <Senach>Could very well be. I'm just getting used to C9, so I couldn't say what
18:00:43  <creationix>I love the real terminal
18:00:51  <creationix>best new feature
18:06:38  <Senach>Okay, looks like it works.
18:06:52  <Senach>Yeah, very, very cool
18:11:32  <Senach>Let me repeat that -- very very cool
18:13:13  <mattpardee>:)
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21:07:39  <Senach>Is it possible to run MongoDB on C9? (via the terminal?)
21:08:48  <Senach>http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8158978/database-support-on-cloud-9 hints it's possible
21:09:11  * adrianFjoined
21:10:01  <mattpardee>we've installed postgres
21:10:13  <mattpardee>probably not a far stretch to assume you could install mongodb
21:10:47  <Senach>I'm going to give it a try tonight
21:10:56  <mattpardee>awesome
21:11:01  <mattpardee>if you get it running let us know :)
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