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18:22:53  <goto>hello. Which version of node.js does c9 local support?
18:23:14  <goto>it crashes on my machine with linux and node v0.6.15
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18:23:43  <bnoordhuis>goto: should work with 0.6.20
18:25:44  <goto>and with the newest stabel version - 0.8.4-1?
18:25:52  <goto>*stable
18:29:04  <mattpardee_>not that
18:29:05  <mattpardee_>yet
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18:47:28  <goto>ok, I'm installing nvm. is 0.6.20 the preferred version? sorry for all these question, i couldn't find infos about c9local on the website
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19:15:17  <Leeol>goto: I'm currently running instances with 0.6.18
19:15:42  <mattpardee_>what kinds of projects are you guys currently working on with Cloud9?
19:15:50  <mattpardee_>what languages etc?
19:16:19  <Leeol>mattpardee_: Currently, pure JS
19:16:41  <Leeol>I may need to mix in some Go down the road, we'll see
19:17:08  <Leeol>(Actually, i'm using CoffeeScript entirely, but w/e)
19:18:53  <mattpardee_>did you see the coffeescript work that one group did?
19:18:58  <mattpardee_>coffeescript/jasmine test runner
19:19:04  <mattpardee_>for cloud9
19:19:13  <Leeol>mattpardee_: No, was it interesting?
19:19:38  <Leeol>Or rather.. what was it about.. (the first question made me sound like an ass xD)
19:20:28  <mattpardee_>http://pragtob.wordpress.com/2012/07/28/coffeescript-jasmine-testing-tool-support-for-cloud9-ide/
19:24:38  <Leeol>Interesting
19:27:30  <goto>c9local still don't work with 0.6.20 :(
19:27:35  <goto>Error: Cannot find module '/home/goto/.c9/installs/c9local/bin/c9.js'
19:28:05  <Leeol>goto: What are you running to start c9?
19:28:12  <goto>./c9d
19:28:28  * Leeolis puzzled
19:28:30  <mattpardee_>oh don't use c9d
19:28:35  <goto>he says "local runtime stoped -> type c9 on the cl"
19:28:35  <mattpardee_>where did you see c9d?
19:28:45  <goto>mattpardee_: bin/c9d ? :>
19:28:52  <mattpardee_>weird
19:28:56  <mattpardee_>just use c9
19:28:59  <goto>yeah
19:29:07  <goto>did that after crash of c9d
19:29:13  <goto>and got the message from above
19:29:18  <goto>Error: Cannot find module '/home/goto/.c9/installs/c9local/bin/c9.js'
19:29:30  <Leeol>c9? What black magic are you two speaking of? I run bin/cloud9.sh
19:29:36  <mattpardee_>did you just install this?
19:29:40  <goto>aah
19:29:41  <goto>no :>
19:29:41  <mattpardee_>Leeol he's talking about the local version
19:29:52  <mattpardee_>c9local
19:30:06  <goto>Leeol: there is no cloud9.sh
19:30:16  <goto>i downloaded c9local to use the IDE locally
19:30:26  <Leeol>I have no idea what that is :s, i've been using the terminology of "cloud9 local" to mean the github version :s
19:30:27  <goto>(I haven't internet-connection all the time)
19:30:37  <goto>ah ok
19:30:39  <mattpardee_>one sec
19:30:40  <Leeol>goto: Yea, i use the master branch
19:30:46  <mattpardee_>leeol
19:30:49  <mattpardee_>no use c9local
19:30:52  <mattpardee_>it's the preferred version
19:30:58  <mattpardee_>also updates are automatic
19:31:07  <goto>is there no way to use the IDE on my local machine without internet connection?
19:31:08  <mattpardee_>https://c9.io/site/features/
19:31:14  <mattpardee_>goto please download latest from there
19:31:19  * hipertrackerquit (Quit: hipertracker)
19:31:22  <Leeol>mattpardee_: No offense, but updates are exactly why i am using the master branch :P
19:31:37  <mattpardee_>Leeol we only update c9local based on master branch pretty rarely :)
19:31:39  <goto>mattpardee_: I got it from there, 2 hours ago
19:31:40  <Leeol>mattpardee_: It's nice to have control on when something changes. At the moment, "not updating" is a huge plus. :P
19:31:51  <mattpardee_>sure, ok :)
19:31:54  <mattpardee_>oh ok goto
19:32:12  <goto>mattpardee_: downloaded -> tar -xf foobar -> bin/c9
19:32:16  <goto>Error: Cannot find module '/home/goto/.c9/installs/c9local/bin/c9.js'
19:32:27  <goto>anything I have to do before running?
19:33:35  <goto>ahh
19:33:39  <goto>mom, i have an ide =)
19:33:52  <Leeol>mattpardee_: I'll have to try c9local sometime.. but for the time being, i am staying away from c9.io until the dust settles
19:34:17  <Leeol>mattpardee_: I've been working for a week error free, which is rare heh
19:36:18  <goto>I don't get it. How do you guys use the IDE? locally or on the internet?
19:37:07  <Leeol>goto: I do something that (apparently) is not advised. I toy with the master branch commits till i find a commit i like, then i spin up instances based off of that
19:37:55  <Leeol>I've had 4 instances running for about a week, works well for me. :)
19:37:59  <goto>and how do you spin up? running a ide-instance on your local machien?
19:38:06  <goto>*machien
19:38:08  * adrianFjoined
19:38:10  <goto>damn *machine
19:38:32  <Leeol>I was going to make a simple webapp that manages spinning up and down c9 instances, but i decided it wasn't really worth my time as *eventually* i'll be moving back to c9.io
19:39:21  <Leeol>goto: Yea, the repo has c9 on it, and you just call the process
19:39:37  <goto>fuck yeah \o/ I got it
19:39:59  <Leeol>Works good for me, especially since i am on windows. I run a VM with all my code/etc on it
19:40:35  <Leeol>But out of sheer curiosity, i'll have to try c9 local. I wonder if it has the same options as the repo version
19:40:41  <goto>I had to put the wohle downloaded c9local (everything from the package) into ~/.c9/installs/c9local/
19:41:40  <goto>Leeol: c9 is complete open source?
19:41:58  <goto>btw. developers of c9 available in this channel?
19:42:30  <Leeol>goto: I wouldn't use the word "completely", but most of it seems to be. mattpardee_ would be a better person to ask about what is public and what isn't, but you can view c9 here: https://github.com/ajaxorg/cloud9
19:42:48  <Leeol>goto: Many. mattpardee_ Is one of them :)
19:43:09  <goto>ah ok
19:44:02  <goto>because I don't know if i missed a readme for c9local or it was a c9 or linux "bug"
19:44:36  <mattpardee_>leeol c9local is connected to your cloud9 account
19:44:43  <Leeol>mattpardee_: Yea
19:44:48  <mattpardee_>it eventually will sync your projects
19:44:53  <mattpardee_>gotta run now
19:44:53  <mattpardee_>bbl
19:44:55  * mattpardee_quit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
19:45:01  <goto>:/
19:45:06  <Leeol>:s
19:45:22  <Leeol>but yea, anyway, i do things the old school way lol
19:47:41  <goto>Leeol: i want to use the "old school" way as well
19:47:58  <Leeol>goto: From what matt described, just use the c9local version
19:47:59  <goto>now i understand your comment "use cloud9.sh"
19:48:06  <Leeol>It will likely be much better for you
19:48:32  <goto>Leeol: I have some kind of project i can't "just push on a server in the cloud"
19:48:50  <Leeol>Ah
19:49:41  <goto>Leeol: you ran cloud9.sh and everything is fine?
19:50:11  <Leeol>goto: Far from fine, but fine for my workflow lol
19:50:26  <Leeol>Eg, i am *just* using it as a Textpad at the moment :P
19:50:38  <Leeol>No debug, etc
19:51:18  <goto>and that is *just* what i want at the moment
19:51:32  <goto>an alternative to sublime
19:51:45  <goto>written in html+css+js
19:52:06  <Leeol>Some commits in the master branch are better than others, so toying a bit to find one you like might be required
19:52:41  <Leeol>Note that i use a browser to connect to c9, and a terminal for console commands (git, etc)
19:52:54  <goto>yeah of course
19:53:05  <goto>just like with a normal editor like sublime or vim
19:53:14  <Leeol>In my version of the repo, c9's console input is broken
19:54:14  <Leeol>But seeing as terminal has so many benefits over c9-console, it doesn't matter. (Screen, etc)
19:54:51  <goto>nn for screen, just 2 terminal vertical splitting the 2nd monitor is enough for me
19:56:18  <Leeol>I use screen because i have 4 instances of c9 running, multiple projects at once, etc
19:56:47  <Leeol>It's nice to be able to run a process, open a new screen window and do stuff, then go back to the process to watch output/etc
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20:24:03  <goto>Leeol: current master looks buggy. (can't open any file - alway loading). Can you recommend a branch? :)
20:27:13  <Leeol>Leeol: I need to go now, but i'll look it up when i get backl
20:27:22  <goto>goto: ok
20:56:33  <Leeol>goto: Ok, i'm back
20:56:49  <Leeol>goto: The commit i am currently running is 6145521d05b31b43021d1502dd21e33b44f008ab
20:57:25  <Leeol>goto: It's likely not the (recently) best, but it's what i happened to grab and it ran, so i stuck with it
21:13:28  <goto>hm
21:14:36  <goto>I try to get the branch with "git clone -b 6145521d05b31b43021d1502dd21e33b44f008ab https://github.com/ajaxorg/cloud9.git
21:14:53  <goto>but he can't find that branch
21:17:05  <goto>ah -.-
21:17:07  <goto>got it
21:17:12  <goto>commit
21:17:42  <Leeol>goto: Yea, going by branch, you would have no idea what state the code is in
21:17:46  <Leeol>afk, lunch :)
21:17:53  <goto>good eating
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21:31:21  <goto>damn, still don't work
21:31:57  <goto>don't care which file I open - the texteditor-tab is always loading and no content displayed
21:39:28  <goto>same problem with c9local (off. version)
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