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07:58:09  <bmatusiak>anybody have problem when trying to debug off master
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08:17:50  <gero3>Hello
08:18:07  <gero3>someone here??
08:18:21  <gero3>I need to confirm a bug om my system??
08:18:45  <gero3>mattpardee
08:21:42  * mikedeboerjoined
08:22:02  <gero3>hey mikedeboer
08:22:14  <gero3>Can I ask a question about a bug
08:24:03  <mikedeboer>gero3: sure
08:25:10  <gero3>It seems I can't clear the console anymore with the button
08:26:12  <gero3>oops It only seems to happen on the output tab
08:26:28  <gero3>of the console
08:27:52  <gero3>mikedeboer
08:36:37  <bmatusiak>https://github.com/ajaxorg/cloud9/issues/1967
08:36:40  <bmatusiak>^_^
08:39:34  * dannygjoined
08:39:56  <mikedeboer>gero3: i think it'd be good to file an issue pin Github, right?
08:40:04  <mikedeboer>bmatusiak: thanks for reporting!
08:40:28  <bmatusiak>its been giving me a head-ache i had to post bug
08:41:01  <bmatusiak>i reinstalled 8 times and got same results, so...
08:41:37  <mikedeboer>bmatusiak: what's the expected behavior? I assume it's that when you hit debug, it should just start running and break only when a breakpoint is hit?
08:42:05  <bmatusiak>expected is to run and hit breakpoints
08:42:07  * piscisaureus_joined
08:42:13  <gero3>Did you try hitting F8 after the break
08:42:16  <gero3>??
08:42:18  <bmatusiak>yea
08:42:30  <bmatusiak>but it also doesent hit the breakpoints
08:43:08  <bmatusiak>it does continue after a resume..
08:43:35  <gero3>The problem is visually ostly then
08:43:41  <gero3>mostly
08:44:12  * hipertrackerjoined
08:45:07  <mikedeboer>bmatusiak: could you add that to the issue? That makes it a lot easier for our other devs to browse through the issues
08:47:41  <bmatusiak>a dev that can manage issues has to do so
08:47:48  <gero3>Actually bmatusiak, could you add a breakpoint in the file that starts the debug als
08:48:04  <gero3>also??
08:49:11  <gero3>I've had problems before like that when the breakpoint was in a different file then the one that gets run initially that It wouldn't show the breakpoints
08:50:03  * gdbzjoined
08:52:06  <bmatusiak>it does this on blank new files/project with console.log("test") as first line... never set a breakpoint lol
08:52:51  <gero3>ah okay
08:53:51  <gero3>just add this in a second comment on the issue to make it the devs easier
08:54:04  <gero3>bmatusiak
08:54:20  <gero3>They are more likely to help you too then
08:54:48  <gero3>as they are swamped with work every time I talk with one of the devs
08:56:51  <bmatusiak>yea it happens
08:57:28  <bmatusiak>i bet there more worried about there proprietary stuff
08:57:47  <bmatusiak>then the openSource stuff sence the new release
08:58:22  <bmatusiak>i need to find a alternitive to keep me going because this is slowing me down verry much :(
08:58:32  * adrianFjoined
08:59:05  <gero3>hmm I'm out of ideas actually
08:59:26  <gero3>maybe some sort of firewall or antivirus
09:00:57  <gero3>http://support.cloud9ide.com/entries/20746468-console-commands-do-not-work-why
09:22:05  * adrianFquit (Read error: Connection timed out)
09:43:00  <gero3>hey Any dev here??
09:43:16  <mikedeboer>gero3: sure, me
09:43:45  <gero3>I'm actually thinking of building a plugin for cloud9
09:44:07  <gero3>A simple one
09:44:27  <gero3>A keyboardcommand updater
09:44:33  <gero3>screen
09:45:18  * dannygquit (Quit: Leaving.)
09:46:28  <gero3>It would make it possible to update the keyboard commands selected by a User
09:46:49  <gero3>It would put those in the settings
09:47:14  <gero3>Is anyone already working on something like that
09:47:16  <gero3>??
09:52:15  <gero3>mikedeboer
09:53:59  <mikedeboer>gero3: no, nobody is working on that at the moment!
09:54:07  <mikedeboer>would be super sueful!
09:54:11  <gero3>Okay
09:54:13  <mikedeboer>*useful
09:55:10  <gero3>Well I need it mostly for my own since I can't type [ on my belgian keyboard
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16:11:09  * bardupart
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16:25:00  <bardu>cloud9 not working in debug mode https://gist.github.com/3164439
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18:11:48  <bmatusiak>sup
18:11:53  <bmatusiak>guys
18:12:16  * mikedeboerquit (Quit: mikedeboer)
18:12:42  <mattpardee>sup
18:13:52  * ggoodmanjoined
18:14:12  <ggoodman>are there general connectivity issues or is that just me?
18:14:43  <mattpardee>we've discovered issues with our proxies that we worked on today and will continue with tomorrow
18:14:48  <mattpardee>the general impression is they will be fixed tomorrow
18:15:06  <mattpardee>but based on first analysis it's the causse for the connection issues having been experienced for the last few days
18:15:21  <mattpardee>I know these things have been going in waves; that's part of the issue
18:15:22  <ggoodman>issues w/ the online/offline flipping and socket errors?
18:15:27  <mattpardee>yes
18:18:34  <bmatusiak>i having problem with git-master doing the break on start, or something
18:19:23  * mikedeboerjoined
18:19:46  <ggoodman>hrm, ide is just unusable for me :(
18:19:46  <mattpardee>the break on start?
18:19:55  <mattpardee>ggoodman I'll take a look
18:19:58  <mattpardee>one sec
18:21:46  <ggoodman>seems like actual socket.io issues
18:22:48  <mattpardee>it's our proxy
18:24:47  <ggoodman>strange though.. one app refuses to go online at all, whereas another sorta works
18:25:12  <ggoodman>maybe that's an illusion though :p
18:26:29  * mattpardee_joined
18:27:27  <bmatusiak>matpardee i put a issue ticket together https://github.com/ajaxorg/cloud9/issues/1967
18:32:31  <mattpardee>ggoodman likely operating on different proxies and IDE servers
18:32:36  <mattpardee>we're looking at it again now
18:32:44  <ggoodman>now i'm working fine!
18:32:46  <ggoodman>weird :P
18:34:59  <ggoodman>thanks for the help matt
18:35:00  <ggoodman>ttyl
18:35:03  * ggoodmanquit (Quit: Page closed)
18:36:47  * naturalethicjoined
18:36:59  <naturalethic>if i switch to premium will console commands not take forever?
18:37:14  <mattpardee>hi naturalethic
18:37:21  <naturalethic>git config -l is spinning for minutes
18:37:35  <mattpardee>does it eventually complete
18:37:41  <mattpardee>in previous attempts
18:37:46  <naturalethic>sometimes it does not
18:37:49  <mattpardee>ok
18:37:56  <mattpardee>we are seeing some serious performance issues on our proxies
18:38:04  <naturalethic>oh wait its saying offline atm
18:38:07  <naturalethic>ok
18:38:10  <mattpardee>which is causing IDEs to be knocked offline and socket errors to occur
18:38:24  <mattpardee>we're looking at it right now
18:38:26  <mattpardee>stay tuned
18:38:31  <naturalethic>thanks mattpardee
18:38:47  <naturalethic>evaluating c9 for company main product today
18:40:09  * mikedeboerquit (Quit: mikedeboer)
18:49:39  * hipertrackerjoined
18:52:28  <mattpardee>sorry for the issues guys, working to solve it ASAP
18:52:56  <bmatusiak>matt you guys working on c9.io(live)
18:53:21  <mattpardee>yeah
18:53:25  <mattpardee>I mean not currently
18:53:34  <mattpardee>just debugging the problem currrently
18:54:39  <bmatusiak>matt you should suggest on getting a c9-status page... like https://status.heroku.com/
18:56:36  <bmatusiak>so that way you/we can save some time on asking/answering questions
18:56:55  <bmatusiak>:P
19:02:20  * Leeol2joined
19:05:42  * Leeolquit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
19:08:41  <mattpardee>ok we've done a couple things to the proxies
19:08:48  <mattpardee>let me know what problems you guys are having
19:16:00  <Leeol2>Cool, i'll check it out again in 15min or so
19:18:13  * mattpardee_quit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
19:21:40  * piscisaureus_quit (Quit: ~ Trillian Astra - www.trillian.im ~)
19:25:00  * NoOne_joined
19:25:21  <NoOne_>hello, is there a time frame on when the local version of c9 will work with node 0.8.x?
19:29:24  * rendezjoined
19:31:09  <NoOne_>or better yet, a way to run node 0.6.x specifically for c9 while everything else uses 0.8.x
19:35:40  * `3rdEdenjoined
19:43:06  <Leeol2>NoOne_: Check out NVM or N
19:43:49  <Leeol2>I personally prefer NVM, as it does not depend on npm/node/etc. If i recall correctly, N requires npm, so you need to have npm to install N which installs Node/NPM.. and it can just get a bit weird.
19:43:56  <NoOne_>Leeol2: i've been looking into N but i'm not sure if it will play nice with other modules like nodemon
19:44:15  <Leeol2>NoOne_: https://github.com/creationix/nvm/ is what i use
19:44:19  <Leeol2>I've never used nodemon
19:44:28  <Leeol2>Let me look it up
19:44:44  <NoOne_>it's just a module to restart a node application when you make a change to it
19:45:06  <Leeol2>NoOne_: Why do you think it's likely to have issues with nvm/N?
19:45:18  <Leeol2>Looks pretty straight forward
19:45:44  <NoOne_>it looks like it just calls node <file.js>
19:46:01  <Leeol2>NoOne_: I can't speak for N, but nvm sets your global node & npm to the correct version
19:46:03  <NoOne_>but to run a different version of node, you would need to do: n use x.x.x, etc.
19:46:14  <Leeol2>So your active NVM version will be what "node" is aliased to
19:47:22  <Leeol2>NoOne_: With nvm or N, you might have to be a bit tricky if you want all types of modules to play nice with it
19:47:47  <NoOne_>ideally i would just want a "always use 0.8x but for c9 use 0.6x"
19:48:01  <Leeol2>NoOne_: For example, i was noticing that locally installing cloud9 ran into issues with NVM, but if i cloned the repo manually, then used `sm install` to install it
19:48:11  <NoOne_>i didn't see nvm mention a global setting in the readme
19:48:15  * josdeha_rtjoined
19:48:19  <Leeol2>NoOne_: Well, i'm sure both NVM and N can handle that
19:48:31  <Leeol2>NoOne_: It uses your export path
19:49:01  <NoOne_>before coming to this channel i did an sm install on c9 btw
19:50:14  <NoOne_>so with nvm all i would have to do is: nvm run v0.6.14 bin/cloud9.js?
19:51:29  <Leeol2>NoOne_: I haven't done that yet, but in theory yes
19:51:33  <Leeol2>Let me give you a gist example
19:51:58  <Leeol2>NoOne_: https://gist.github.com/31a7d292b472aa74e0ec
19:52:07  <NoOne_>my concern would be, what if i need to run the sh file because running the cloud9.js file usually doesn't work on most installs that i've done
19:52:46  <Leeol2>NoOne_: As you can see, i have nvm installed to ~/.nvm. My node versions are compiled (automatically) within that nvm directory
19:53:32  <Leeol2>NoOne_: Not sure, lemme try out of curiosity
19:56:48  <Leeol2>seems to work, making a gist of it
19:57:38  <Leeol2>NoOne_: https://gist.github.com/482fd29bbf3ad37393e9
19:57:42  * piscisaureus_joined
19:58:15  <NoOne_>hmm, but how would you run an sh file?
19:58:23  <NoOne_>or is that not even relevant
19:58:38  <Leeol2>NoOne_: lol dunno man
19:58:52  <Leeol2>I'm sure both nvm and N can handle roughly the same tasks
19:58:57  <NoOne_>normally when i run c9, i just do: bin/cloud9.sh -l x.x.x.x
19:59:14  <NoOne_>every time i try to run cloud9.js instead of sh it throws a permission error and won't run no matter what
19:59:52  <Leeol2>NoOne_: cloud9.js?
19:59:58  <Leeol2>I don't even think it exists anymore
20:00:14  <NoOne_>hmm yeah, you're right
20:00:51  <Leeol2>NoOne_: For what it's worth, if you look inside of cloud9.sh it's pretty basic. It just runs "node server.js" with a few minor differences
20:01:27  <Leeol2>looks like it's mostly just trying to handle different systems, launching browsers, etc.
20:02:18  <NoOne_>hmm, the nvm readme says it's set for each shell window you have open
20:02:32  <Leeol2>NoOne_: Yea
20:02:38  <NoOne_>wouldn't something like this work then:
20:02:51  <NoOne_>open putty, nvm to use 0.6, run c9 normally
20:03:04  <NoOne_>open a new instance of putty, nvm to use 0.8, develop normally?
20:03:28  <Leeol2>NoOne_: Sure, but i would personally use Screen
20:03:55  <NoOne_>i tried to get used to screen hah
20:04:06  <NoOne_>it messes with my brain
20:04:11  <naturalethic>mattpardee: c9.io still isn't loading my project
20:04:14  <naturalethic>just fyi
20:04:41  <naturalethic>pop is just popped up, took about a minute
20:04:52  <NoOne_>thank you btw Leeol2, i'm going to give it a shot now
20:05:02  <Leeol2>NoOne_: No problem, good luck
20:06:09  <naturalethic>mattpardee: commands still taking forever to run, and general slowness, i'm gonna defer my evaluation to tomorrow hopefully you got things sorted by then
20:07:03  <mattpardee>alright
20:07:05  <mattpardee>thanks
20:07:13  <mattpardee>if you want, you could DM me your project URL and I can take a look
20:07:25  <Leeol2>mattpardee: Twitter user.
20:07:25  <NoOne_>i guess in theory i only need to nvm install 0.6x right? because i'll be using the global/default version in another shell window?
20:08:09  <Leeol2>NoOne_: Possibly, though i have personally only used nvm from clean systems so that there were no conflicts. In theory though
20:08:26  <NoOne_>i'll let you know in a few, it's compiling now
20:08:27  <Leeol2>(Lots of VMs :P)
20:10:46  * jkridnerjoined
20:11:24  <Leeol2>mattpardee: I just started using c9.io today (within the last 4 minutes) and have a hanging command. (since you asked earlier for feedback/etc)
20:11:41  <mattpardee>ok
20:11:45  <Leeol2>and files don't seem to be loading (within minutes atleast)
20:12:00  <Leeol2>Doesn't say offline yet
20:12:02  <mattpardee>which command?
20:12:10  <Leeol2>`git add lib/index.coffee`
20:12:21  <Leeol2>Nothing complex, and i tried loading a file
20:12:25  <Leeol2>Ooo, the file just loaded
20:12:30  <Leeol2>About 1.5min loading time
20:12:43  <Leeol2>Still nothing on the command
20:13:03  <Leeol2>And now it says offline
20:15:02  <NoOne_>interesting, it all seems to work
20:15:09  <Leeol2>NoOne_: The nvm thing?
20:15:43  <NoOne_>window #1: nvm use v0.6.14 ; run c9 normally | window #2: node -v is still 0.8.3 and this is installed globally without nvm
20:15:57  <Leeol2>yea
20:16:06  <NoOne_>thanks a lot
20:16:18  <Leeol2>nvm installs node locally (within it's path) and sets the export path to use it's active version of node
20:16:21  <Leeol2>NoOne_: np :)
20:25:28  * josdeha_rtquit (Remote host closed the connection)
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20:30:46  * ggoodmanjoined
20:31:18  <NoOne_>mattpardee: is /plugins-client/ext.codecomplete/snippets/ the only directory where snippets are located and will you guys take pull requests for more snippets? are there any special things that would be needed to support other extensions other than html and js or can i just add them as files and use the existing files as a base to work off of?
20:32:53  <mattpardee>NoOne_ I don't know how those are pulled in, but I assume there is some translation in the main snippets code that translates "javascript.json" to mean "any file ending in '.js'"
20:33:14  <mattpardee>as far as contributing to cloud9 in that way, feel free. looking forward to the code :)
20:33:26  <mattpardee>I believe Chip_Zero can look at the code when you're done with it
20:34:12  <NoOne_>i'm peeking around the codercomplete directory now to see where the extensions would be coded in
20:34:57  <mattpardee>line 36 of snippet_completer.js
20:34:57  <mattpardee>var text = this.fetchText(data.staticPrefix, 'ext/codecomplete/snippets/' + this.language + '.json');
20:35:43  <NoOne_>that makes it seem like it will detect new files automatically
20:36:24  <mattpardee>it's probably in a worker
20:36:43  <mattpardee>sorry I can't be of much help without parsing all the code with my eyes
20:37:59  * AndreasMadsenquit (Remote host closed the connection)
20:38:16  * `3rdEdenquit (Quit: Going to bed, gnite)
20:39:38  <ggoodman>mattpardee: not sure if you got my message. My IDE and app runner are out of sync giving me EADDRINUSE errors
20:39:55  <mattpardee>ok
20:40:07  <mattpardee>I know this sucks but I'm solving some other bugs right now
20:40:22  <mattpardee>I need to concentrate on that for a bit and I'm not sure if I can even help your problem since it's an issue with the IDE itself
20:40:36  <mattpardee>but I will try to get to it ASAP
20:41:03  <rendez>ggoodman: seems like something simple
20:41:23  <rendez>look which other process is opened on that is consuming HTTP on the same port
20:41:24  <ggoodman>mattpardee: ok, np :)
20:41:34  <rendez>probably a lingering instance of the same IDE
20:41:59  <ggoodman>rendez: yes... alas I'm not on premium so I have no exposure to looking at what is/isn't running :(
20:42:10  <rendez>ah, you mean online...
20:42:54  <rendez>then I guess Matt will have to take a look later
20:58:23  <bmatusiak>someone needs to build a plugin for "n" :P
21:01:13  <bmatusiak>https://github.com/visionmedia/n
21:02:58  <bmatusiak>that would be so nice to manage multi versions of node
21:13:30  <Leeol2>bmatusiak: A plugin for what?
21:17:44  <Leeol2>mattpardee: So c9.io should be usable tomorrow sometime?
21:18:52  <mattpardee>hesitate to say completely usable but at least we have a better idea about our connection issues
21:18:59  <Leeol2>ah, k
21:19:12  <mattpardee>ggoodman can you PM me with your output from typing "env" into the console
21:21:51  <ggoodman>hrm, I sent you a gist link w/ that earlier.. lemme dig it out
21:22:03  <mattpardee>it might be different today
21:22:22  <mattpardee>oh my bad
21:22:24  <mattpardee>so many messages.
21:22:39  <ggoodman>ahh, no problems
21:23:00  <ggoodman>sounds like you're swamped o.O
21:23:24  <Leeol2>Well c9.io has been useless for what will end up being close to a week :s
21:24:58  <Leeol2>It's been so unstable since the feature push, and it's not even in beta heh. It feels like the changes went live way too quick for paying customers.
21:25:05  <mattpardee>someone brilliant decided to schedule all of the super smart people for holidays
21:26:18  <mattpardee>Leeol2 nobody feels your pain more than I do. I use Cloud9 throughout the day, as the evangelist, to ensure it's actually working properly
21:26:40  <mattpardee>we're not pushing out any major features until all these bugs are squashed
21:30:06  <mattpardee>anyway the last thing I want to do is make excuses
21:30:38  <mattpardee>but for those of us who felt the amount and cool factor of all the features being pushed out, was worth it, the pain is starting to settle in
21:30:42  <mattpardee>we simply overloaded ourselves
21:30:54  <mattpardee>and that's a hard lesson we've had to learn
21:30:57  <NoOne_>mattpardee: thanks, i'll wait for chris
21:31:00  <mattpardee>and you as well, of course
21:31:13  <NoOne_>question though, do you happen to know if the snippet system will be improved upon in the near future?
21:31:14  <Leeol2>hehe, no need. Excuses are excuses. You haven't lost a customer, so just focus on fixing this shitstorm :P
21:31:25  <Leeol2>Also, boy is IRC busy today
21:31:55  <NoOne_>i might write a snipmate to c9ide script to convert my scripts over but not if you guys are planning to push a new snippets plugin soon
21:32:05  <mattpardee>NoOne_ sorry which snippet system?
21:32:22  <mattpardee>because I know of one but it's not very public yet
21:32:27  <NoOne_>the one in the local c9 edition
21:32:37  <mattpardee>right
21:32:56  <mattpardee>I just got lost in the "Chris" reference, not sure who that is
21:33:08  <mattpardee>but anyway I don't think we're pushing a new one
21:33:11  <mattpardee>but I don't know what Lennart is doing
21:33:15  <NoOne_>oh oops, his name was chip
21:33:23  <mattpardee>yeah
21:33:54  <NoOne_>i noticed that snipmate snippets are a lot more involved as they have multiple cursor locations and pre-set text
21:34:11  <NoOne_>i didn't want to write a converter to strip all of that if you had a new version planned which would include that feature
21:35:23  <mattpardee>I believe we are actively building out our language analysis tooling to be more robust
21:35:31  <mattpardee>I don't know if it touches snippets though
21:36:20  <mattpardee>suppose the best thing is to ask Chip_Zero tonight
21:36:20  <NoOne_>it would be really nice if you guys supported everything that textmate supports for snippets (which in return gives you vim support too)
21:36:27  <mattpardee>he operates in Amsterdam
21:36:50  <NoOne_>then it would be super simple to write a script to just convert those to json
21:45:17  * ggoodmanquit (Quit: Page closed)
21:49:29  <bardu>I would appreciate if someone could tell me why I don't can run c9 in debug mode https://gist.github.com/3164439
22:19:13  * NoOne_quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
22:21:53  * willcosgrovejoined
22:22:58  <willcosgrove>I'm trying to upgrade my account, and I'm running into some problems
22:23:32  <willcosgrove>Looks like maybe paypal isn't redirecting me back properly
22:31:38  * mAritzquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:31:57  * willcosgrovequit (Quit: willcosgrove)
22:38:49  <bmatusiak>leeo2 it manages different installs of nodejs
22:40:52  * rendezquit (Quit: rendez)
22:47:08  <Leeol2>Leeol2: Pardon? I was asking what you meant by "plugin" for N, what does this plugin do? (and, plugin to what?). N itself manages Node versions, (like nvm), so what would this plugin do?
23:00:27  <bmatusiak>in cloud9 -> settings -> node.js runtime settings
23:00:45  <bmatusiak>allow to build a exact version you want
23:02:15  <bmatusiak>or select the version you allready build useing n
23:38:43  <Leeol2>Whoa, just realized there is a test tab in the master branch
23:38:46  <Leeol2>Interesting
23:40:13  <Leeol2>Need to make a patch to cloud9 that passes input from the c9 "Command Line" to the system, and echos back
23:55:32  * rendezjoined
23:56:17  * rendezquit (Client Quit)