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01:28:09  <Leemp2>Out of curiosity, is it possible to SSH into your C9 VM?
01:30:37  <Leemp2>Ugh, still can't push to github.
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01:51:52  <jtnt>anyone know about setting up authentication for a local install?
02:06:10  <jtnt>I want to run c9 on a vps, so I need to password protect access - any clues?
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03:28:48  <jtnt>for the log, I patched connect-architect/connect/connect-plugin.js
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03:29:24  <dma>is c9 down? i'm getting 'app unreachable' from chrome and my connection is fine.
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03:31:14  * dmachanged nick to dominich
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04:28:39  <sergim>dominich, an entire single area of Amazon Cloud is down and we are having some problems. We expect to be back shortly
04:40:52  <justicefries>basically the sky in Virginia has turned into a big lightning bolt.
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11:42:59  <spaceSub>Hello
11:43:19  <spaceSub>0Is this the right playce to ask stuff about cloud9?
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12:04:36  <unomi>When trying to update, SM tries to resolve this dependency: https://github.com/ajaxorg/treehugger/tarball/cb8fd0483417ac6ffb8532b994d23dbf13ad9022
12:05:21  <unomi>unfortunately, for me, this redirects to http GET https://nodeload.github.com/ajaxorg/treehugger/tarball/cb8fd0483417ac6ffb8532b994d23dbf13ad9022
12:05:55  <unomi>which is thus far refusing to give me anything but 502s
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12:44:26  <unomi>In case someone else runs into this before nodeload recovers or whatnot:
12:44:29  <unomi>- "treehugger": ["npm", "https://github.com/ajaxorg/treehugger/tarball/cb8fd0483417ac6ffb8532b994d23dbf13ad9022"],
12:46:01  <unomi>and putting this last under dependencies + "treehugger": "git://github.com/ajaxorg/treehugger.git#cb8fd0483417ac6ffb8532b994d23dbf13ad9022"
12:47:28  <unomi>makes it work for me
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15:38:46  <Leemp>Man, i hope after all this dust settles that the c9 VMs get more.. predictable. I keep having to increase my timing tolerance just to make some tests pass, because c9 is taking 100-700ms more to execute the same code as before
16:02:26  <Leemp>Well that's annoying. I can load up my project from Incognito, but not my logged in browser.
16:02:46  <Leemp>not-loading-central :s
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18:16:55  <Dofs>Hi, I am trying to run a test application, but I cant seem to stop the process to edit the code. I have to close the tab and open a new one with c9, is there something I can do?
18:17:00  <Dofs>to prevent this
18:17:43  <Dofs>It seems like it is just lagging a lot, and takes 1-2 minutes to stop
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18:24:42  <Leemp>Dofs: It most liklely is lag. Cloud9 is roughly unusable for me half of the time, for the past week or so due to the update
18:25:02  <Leemp>Not to mention many things can't even be done half of the time. Committing code, pushing to remotes, etc.
18:26:07  <Dofs>I am glad it is just a small hobby project I am working with and not at work then :)
18:26:18  <Leemp>Yea.
18:26:37  <Leemp>I love this new version, but it feels a bit beta for an open release
18:26:40  <Dofs>Think of how much it could cost a company if it was down, or unavaliable
18:26:52  <Dofs>maybe you should be able to choose between beta and stable version
18:27:18  <Leemp>I mean, it's going on 36 hours since i have been able to push code off of Cloud9.
18:27:34  <Dofs>If I may ask, what are you working on?
18:28:10  <Leemp>just private projects, nothing time imperative currently, thank god.
18:28:49  <Dofs>Are you working with node.js on daily basis or just for hobby projects?
18:29:28  <Leemp>Opensource projects mostly, but yes a daily basis
18:29:37  <Leemp>A good 8 hours a day currently
18:29:56  <Dofs>besides regular work??
18:30:16  <Leemp>Dofs: Looking for work and being unemployed has it's benefits.. i guess?
18:30:17  <Leemp>:P
18:30:45  <Dofs>hehe okay :)
18:30:58  <Leemp>This last week has been rather hard on c9 though.
18:31:10  <Dofs>Maybe you can come up with your own product based on node
18:31:27  <Leemp>I've got multiple in the works
18:31:47  <Dofs>well I am installing node.js on my windows machine now (maybe I should just use my mac instead) since I cant use c9 atm
18:32:08  <Leemp>c9 is usable.. just frustrating at the moment
18:32:20  <Dofs>Well at work I am also know for the guy with all the hobby projects - this is what happens when you don't get to code too much at work and just do project management stuff instead :)
18:32:22  <Leemp>I haven't had too many "complete system down" times
18:34:25  <Leemp>Dofs: Node is nice, all in all. I switched a while back. I'm just now trying out CoffeeScript, and i like it enough that i am rewriting code in coffee
18:34:55  <Leemp>Though, i use an untraditional build method for coffee. Rather than /src and /lib, i use /lib and /build/lib
18:34:57  <Dofs>I am used to asp.net webforms & mvc, and thought of doing something else for the fun of it
18:35:14  <Dofs>I have not yet gotten into coffee script since I don't mind regular JS
18:35:27  <Leemp>https://github.com/leeolayvar/bork
18:35:31  <Leemp>It's worth it, imo
18:36:21  <Leemp>Not only does the abstraction look a bit cleaner, but it abstracts some wonky aspects of JS away
18:36:48  <Dofs>Well I will look into it when I am comfortable with node.js and mongodb
18:37:42  <Leemp>Good call
18:38:32  <Dofs>I have used RaveDB a bit, and I love the UI where you can display the documents in the database. Are there any nice grafical displays of MongoDB content? (like to get an overview to see what is inside the db)
18:39:24  <Leemp>Not sure, never used one
18:39:28  <Dofs>*ravendb
18:45:26  <Dofs>what view engine are you using with express, jade?
18:50:01  <Dofs>Hmm it seems like there are issues with saving my files, do you exprience the same issue?
18:50:05  <Dofs>*experience
18:53:09  <Leemp>Dofs: Very very often. :/
18:53:44  <Leemp>I often have to copy my file(s) contents (to make sure i don't lose anything) and refresh the page. I've seen it *attempt to save* for an hour.
18:59:11  <Dofs>hmm if that is the case then I don't know if c9 can be a tool for me. I can do plenty of errors myself, I don't need the tool forgetting to save :)
19:00:09  <Leemp>It's only due to the recent feature push, but they really do need to resolve it quickly
19:07:16  <Leemp>Dofs: The only redeeming thing about all of that is it always shows that it's trying. You'll know if it's having trouble doing something
19:10:14  <Dofs>ah okay
19:13:06  <Leemp>Dofs: Once they get the kinks worked out, this version of cloud9 will be *by far* the best yet. There are just a lot of kinks at the moment. I'm hoping next week will be a big set of fixes.. i'm hoping.
19:13:57  <Dofs>:)
19:19:03  <Dofs>I hate when I, for a few weeks, think I have a good idea for a SAAS product, and suddenly realises that it is worthless
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20:00:48  <bmatusiak>is there any c9.io support staff here?
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21:07:03  <bnoordhuis>bmatusiak: not tonight, i think
21:07:20  <bnoordhuis>bmatusiak: you could try @c9support on twitter, there's usually someone monitoring that
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