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02:48:07  <Leemp2>This will totally jinx it, but Cloud9 is running pretty nicely at the moment
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03:27:10  <wingy>i couldn't even upgrade my account
03:27:31  <wingy>they should accept another payment method than paypal
03:27:33  <wingy>paypal sucks
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06:34:02  <jwulf>howdy
06:34:06  <jwulf>anyone awake in channel?
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08:33:49  * Afalpart
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08:40:24  <jwulf>hey, anyone around?
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10:08:35  <useruser3>Are there any plans to support java?
10:12:27  <useruser3>Or are there plugins to add said support?
10:31:26  <Chip_Zero>useruser3: we're working on it :)
10:32:15  <Chip_Zero>jwulf: http://tinyurl.com/ircquestions
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10:36:40  <jwulf>I'm trying to get the cloud 9 local component running on Fedora 16
10:36:47  <jwulf>when I run c9 i get an error message
10:37:34  <jwulf>"ERROR: Could not determine your mac address! Make sure you are connected to the internet for the first run and login.
10:37:34  <jwulf>"
10:38:40  <jwulf>anyone seen that before or have an idea what causes it / how to get around it?
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10:55:14  * booyaapart
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12:26:55  <justinTNT>anyone seen "Not compatible with your version of node/npm: block-stream@0.0.5" trying to install sm?
12:26:55  <justinTNT>
12:34:40  * bnoordhuisjoined
12:43:13  <justinTNT>looks like we gotta step back to an older version of node to install sm ...
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13:46:10  <ketema>hello…quick question: I upgraded to premium and the recurring bill showed up on my paypal but it appears you guys are not scheduled to get paid till next month (i.e. it didn't actually take any money) hence upgrade to premium status says "we have not received payment…" what's the best way to get around this and not get double billed ? thanks
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14:54:31  <jwulf>justinTNT i had an issue installing with node 0.8
14:54:36  <jwulf>so I went back to 0.6
14:54:40  <jwulf>that's working for me
14:54:53  <justinTNT>yeah thanks jwulf.
14:55:11  <justinTNT>on my dev box I installed with 0.6 then went to 0.8
14:55:22  <justinTNT>so on my prod box I think I'll have to downgrade to install
15:00:54  <ketema>can i get git flow installed on the c9 console ?
15:09:35  * imsomeoneelsechanged nick to mAritz
15:21:55  <Leemp2>Anyone know when we will be able to commit normally again? Committing\ with\ escaped\ spaces\ is\ really\ getting\ annoying\ :P
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16:25:37  * intellec1ronicajoined
16:25:44  <intellec1ronica>hey
16:25:54  <intellec1ronica>is there anyone here from the cloud9 team?
16:26:21  <intellec1ronica>i joined as a _premium_ user earlier today and had nothing but grief since
16:26:45  <intellec1ronica>currently, i am not able to open workspaces for editing
16:28:09  * tbone-atljoined
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16:31:13  * intellectronicaquit (Remote host closed the connection)
16:31:36  * intellectronicajoined
16:38:53  <intellectronica>jokers
16:38:56  * intellectronicaquit (Quit: leaving)
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16:59:24  * Raynosjoined
16:59:34  <Raynos>Does c9 allow me to run arbitary versions of node yet?
17:02:42  <Leemp2>Man, the VM is lagging hard isn't it? I have some test code that used to be run on cloud9, and i gave it a 10ms tolerance for the intended execution time. Now those same tests need 50-80ms tolerance lol.
17:02:59  <Leemp2>Sometimes it's close to 5ms, sometimes it takes 100ms. Huge variance
17:03:10  <Leemp2>Compared to before, at least
17:07:47  <mAritz>hm, running node apps doesn't work in the current beta anymore
17:20:18  <Leemp2>... anndd now more permission denied errors :s
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17:34:48  <bmatusiak>anybody still having processing issues?
17:45:39  <mAritz>hm, current beta doesn't even install because "sm install" fails when trying to download github.com/c9/socket.io-client (doesn't exist or is private). should be ajaxorg/socket.io-client afaict (exists).
17:49:23  <mAritz>a37cee94 still installs, so it was sometime between that and now.
17:49:36  * sergeygpart
17:50:10  <mAritz>oh, wait
17:50:19  <mAritz>that was fixed in beta
17:50:33  <mAritz>wtf, i just did a fresh clone and had the wrong url in the package.json
17:51:49  <mAritz>oh, i'm a dumbass... beta was merged into master. DISREGARD ALL MY COMMENTS :D
18:19:59  <Leemp2>bmatusiak: processing issues? I'm having all sorts of issues lol
18:20:18  <Leemp2>At the moment, Permission Denied on committing. Sigh
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20:47:22  * Dofsjoined
20:49:11  <Dofs>Hi, I am new to Node.js and Cloud9. I have tried to follow the tutorial here (http://c9.io/site/category/faq/) , but I keep receiving the following error when debugging: Service Temporarily Unavailable. Is there an issue currently with c9, or is it (more likely) my project which is messed up?
20:58:06  <Leemp2>Dofs: Fellow user here, but Cloud9 is a bit wonky at the moment due to a recent feature push.. i'd wager the problem is with Cloud9, not your project
20:58:49  <Leemp2>I haven't experienced that error though, for what it's worth
20:58:56  <Leemp2>A whole slew of others, but not that one
20:59:13  <Dofs>Okay thanks a lot. I will do some reading up on node.js, and hopefully it might work tomorrow.
20:59:27  <Leemp2>Dofs: Is your project public?
20:59:39  <Dofs>No it isn't but let me create one quickly
21:00:08  <Leemp2>Ah ok. I was going to see if it was showing unavailable to me, but if it's private i can't view it :)
21:00:29  * ricklonquit (Excess Flood)
21:00:35  <Leemp2>If the problem persists, contact support (or try and get ahold of a dev here)
21:00:55  <Leemp2>I'd wager mattpardee might take a look at it, if he's awake
21:00:56  <Dofs>I will quickly create a public repo, and add the code there
21:01:51  <Leemp2>Dofs: None of mine have shown as unavailable though, eg: http://c9.io/leeolayvar/bork
21:02:40  <Dofs>try http://test.philips.c9.io/
21:02:55  <Leemp2>Dofs: Ah, that is the wrong link
21:03:10  <Leemp2>Dofs: Well, what are you trying to do? Access the editor? Or the running app?
21:03:15  <Dofs>maybe I am tired, but it is the link which is written in description
21:03:31  <Dofs>I am running the app in debug mode, and just want to se the console.log
21:03:32  <Dofs>msg
21:04:19  <Leemp2>Dofs: Ok, so the link that it gives you is for web apps. Things like Express apps, etc. Console log will print at the bottom, in the Output tab
21:04:52  <Dofs>That was what I also first thought
21:05:03  <Dofs>Since it is a "backend script file"
21:05:22  <Dofs>I am using the following code in server.js: var http = require('http');
21:05:22  <Dofs>http.createServer(function (req, res) {
21:05:22  <Dofs> res.writeHead(200, {'Content-Type': 'text/plain'});
21:05:22  <Dofs> res.end('Hello World\n');
21:05:22  <Dofs>}).listen(process.env.PORT);
21:05:26  <mattpardee>hey dofs
21:05:33  <mattpardee>debug mode is currently causing issues
21:05:47  <mattpardee>if you select the dropdown in that menu and deselect the debug mode
21:05:54  <mattpardee>it will switch to run
21:06:00  <mattpardee>and that should work more consistently
21:06:20  <mattpardee>sorry about the issue - we've logged it and will get to it asap
21:06:26  <mattpardee>I'll ask the team actually right now
21:06:42  <Dofs>Don't worry, I am just playing around with it :)
21:07:15  <Dofs>If I just run it without the debug, the console.log is still not printet. Again it might probably just be my code and not your product which is the cause of the error
21:07:51  <mattpardee>thge only thing I can assume is the file you want to run isnt' currently selected
21:08:02  <mattpardee>else it should output logs in the "Output" tab
21:08:07  <Leemp2>Dofs: You need to write to console explicitly
21:08:27  <Leemp2>Dofs: So, put this line in there: console.log('Hey look, i'm printing to the console!');
21:08:38  <Leemp2>Err, escape my ' :(
21:08:47  <Leemp2>console.log('Hey look, i\'m printing to the console!');
21:09:22  <mattpardee>dofs is your server.js file with the Node.js code in it, currently selected when you hit run
21:10:00  <Leemp2>mattpardee: http://c9.io/philips/test There is no console.log function
21:10:03  <Dofs>mattpardee yes it is set as active (only file in solution)
21:10:28  <Leemp2>hehe, i love this new live edit setup. I can watch him type :)
21:10:39  <Leemp2>Dofs: there you go, that should work
21:10:43  <Dofs>:)
21:11:24  <Dofs>Did any of you remove the first console.log? I was sure it was present?
21:11:35  <Leemp2>I can't edit it, only view
21:11:37  <Dofs>I just added it, but it doesn't seem to log to the console
21:11:56  <Leemp2>Dofs: While your app is running, don't forget to make an http request to the url
21:12:09  <Dofs>there we go :)
21:12:15  <Leemp2>Dofs: Visit, http://test.philips.c9.io/
21:12:23  <Leemp2>(I just did, so it should have printed from me too lol)
21:12:26  <Dofs>thanks a lot. Mattpardee sorry for the interruption
21:12:39  <mattpardee>oh no worries!
21:12:48  <Dofs>I guess I need to head to bed, if I am missing stuff like this
21:13:03  * `3rdEdenquit (Quit: Linkinus - http://linkinus.com)
21:13:10  <Leemp2>haha
21:13:28  <Leemp2>It's all good. I can't tell you the number of stupid crap that Matt has helped me through.
21:13:56  <Dofs>Offtopic: What viewengine is recommended for node.js if I am used to Razor (asp.net mvc), is it express.js?
21:14:19  <mattpardee>express is good
21:14:29  <Leemp2>Dofs: Express.js is one of the most popular. Especially for beginners
21:16:06  <Leemp2>mattpardee: Out of curiosity, with collaboration, is console/output supposed to stream to viewers? Ie, i can see live edits, but i have yet to see console output
21:16:35  <Dofs>Also thumbs up and thanks for making us have one private repo for free, it makes it a lot easier to decide on a real project if cloud 9 can be used on real projects
21:16:37  <mattpardee>Leemp2 only if you have RW access I believe
21:18:30  <Leemp2>Wish sergey would log back on. We were discussing RW access a couple days ago and i didn't know how, so i couldn't help him.. then my friend and i were toying with C9 and i figured it out.
21:19:32  <Dofs>mattpardee: Is there a reason why c9 is not on a secure line (ssl). Couldn't you sniff the code created in c9 if you are on a unsecure network like e.g. the airport?
21:20:16  <mattpardee>dofs good question, I've asked the team that as well
21:20:26  <mattpardee>I'm not sure of the technical reasons
21:21:03  <Dofs>The SSL certificates are usually quite cheap no a days, but don't know if the polling in socket.io might slow down a lot because of the overhead
21:23:34  * javrubenjoined
21:26:07  <Leemp2>I seriously cannot express how happy i am about Spawn/etc being used now.
21:26:13  <Leemp2>err, enabled*
21:26:47  <mattpardee>:-D
21:32:29  * javrubenquit (Quit: javruben)
21:32:51  <Dofs>I am off, thanks for all your help
21:33:16  <Leemp2>Have a good nights rest :)
21:33:21  <Dofs>thanks you too
21:33:25  * Dofsquit (Quit: Leaving)
21:36:36  <Leemp2>mattpardee: Is there going to be a big bugfix push in the near future? Or like next tues/wed?
21:36:52  <mattpardee>all devs are currently fixing bugs
21:37:09  <mattpardee>we got a lot of feedback from users on our support channels and on github
21:37:22  <mattpardee>fixing the biggest architectural ones first then moving on to the smaller ones
21:37:27  <Leemp2>Right, i was just curious when the fixes are going to be pushed? Stuff like the private key bug, various permission denied bugs, etc
21:37:47  * jkridner_changed nick to jkridner
21:37:47  <Leemp2>Seems like every 30min i can't push to github or can't commit lol
21:37:50  <mattpardee>oh those kinds of bug fixes are pushed every day :)
21:37:54  <mattpardee>ouch
21:37:56  <Leemp2>Gotcha, k :)
21:38:17  <mAritz>mattpardee: is collaborative editing supposed to work in master yet?
21:38:28  <mattpardee>mAritz that will be a hosted-only feature
21:38:34  <mAritz>oh, ok
21:39:35  <mAritz>mattpardee: also, master currently only sometimes runs my node apps. other times theres a short flicker in the "output/console" area and the button changes to the "stop" state, but nothing else. when i refresh, the button is at "start" state again.
21:40:28  <mattpardee>yeah master is currently not in the best shape
21:40:33  <mAritz>ok
21:40:38  <mattpardee>appreciate a bug report on github though
21:44:00  <mattpardee>currently packing up my 2 bedroom house to move into a studio in san francisco
21:44:05  <mattpardee>this is rough :-P
21:44:29  <Leemp2>lol
21:46:16  <mAritz>aren't you from down under?
21:47:35  <mattpardee>If by down under you mean LA, yes :)
21:47:41  <mattpardee>well that's where I live now anyway
21:50:55  <mAritz>hm, but someone in here was from australia, right?!
21:57:01  <mattpardee>dunno
21:57:08  <mattpardee>ok shutting down the ol' desktop for now
21:57:09  <mattpardee>back later
21:57:14  * mattpardeequit
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22:07:22  <mAritz>https://github.com/ajaxorg/cloud9/issues/1839 just dumping some random bugs i find in there. :P
22:21:58  * sergimjoined
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