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00:14:50  <mattpardee_>bueno
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00:15:36  <AndyRoth>I had a question about Cloud9 on GitHub. Can anyone here answer it?
00:15:52  <mattpardee_>yes
00:15:55  <mattpardee_>hey Andy
00:16:01  <AndyRoth>Hi Matt.
00:16:24  <AndyRoth>Does the open source version include the new Workspaces feature with the Terminal tabs?
00:16:45  <mattpardee_>that features is entirely enabled by our hosting platform
00:16:48  <mattpardee_>so it's only on c9.io
00:17:10  <AndyRoth>There is no way to enable it for local systems?
00:18:27  <mattpardee_>Not currently
00:18:59  <mattpardee_>Looking for a local terminal to integrate it with?
00:19:04  <mattpardee_>whoa my brain is tired
00:19:14  <AndyRoth>Yeah.
00:19:35  <AndyRoth>What I want to do is be able to code in Lua and run the "lua" command to run my code.
00:21:30  <mattpardee_>hmm
00:21:34  <mattpardee_>yeah
00:21:41  <mattpardee_>I don't know the answer to that
00:21:47  <mattpardee_>let me ask the rest of the team
00:22:12  <AndyRoth>Sure.
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00:30:30  <mattpardee_>well, I wouldn't expect it soon
00:30:43  <mattpardee_>but some of these thigns tend to go in this direction
00:30:53  <mattpardee_>released on c9.io and then make their way into the OSS version
00:30:53  <AndyRoth>The ability to do it or the answer to the question?
00:31:13  <mattpardee_>I'm nursing a headache at home and apparently my boss is playing ping pong :-P
00:31:23  <mattpardee_>so I didn't want to keep your answer waiting haha
00:31:37  <Zeiban>Anyone else getting "Error: Can't find 'cloud9/plugins-server/cloud9.ide.run-php'..." when loading a project?
00:31:53  <AndyRoth>So it may eventually become part of the OSS repo?
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00:32:09  <mattpardee_>it may eventually but I don't want to make any promises
00:32:22  <AndyRoth>In the meantime do you know of any alternatives for me to use?
00:32:46  <Leemp>mattpardee_: Congrats on all the new features :)
00:32:53  <mattpardee_>thanks leemp :)
00:33:11  <mattpardee_>AndyRoth locally I'm on a mac so I just use their terminal
00:33:15  <Leemp>mattpardee_: I've given it a break for a bit, things have been pretty touch and go lol, but awesome stuff man. When the dust settles, i'm going to love it
00:33:41  <mattpardee_>yeah today has been pretty rough but once those issues get ironed out… yeah we're excited
00:34:05  <AndyRoth>mattpardee_: Me too. I am looking for a cloud method. I'll keep looking. Thanks and good luck for the headache!
00:34:12  <mattpardee_>oh
00:34:14  <mattpardee_>wait
00:34:23  <mattpardee_>what do you mean by cloud method?
00:34:39  <AndyRoth>Some way of editing code and running it in the cloud.
00:34:55  <AndyRoth>Editing a .lua file and running it through a web browser.
00:35:02  <mattpardee_>I was under the impressoin the terminal allowed you to run lua code
00:35:08  <mattpardee_>I haven't tried that use case yet though
00:35:12  <mattpardee_>I was compiling a C++ app earlier
00:35:16  <AndyRoth>It's for teaching programming to a friend. He doesn't really know how to use local tools and I want to monitor him.
00:35:28  <AndyRoth>It can run Lua code. I'm looking for something in the browser.
00:36:00  <mattpardee_>yes I mean on Cloud9
00:36:11  <mattpardee_>at least the premium plan allows you to have the full terminal
00:36:52  <mattpardee_>AndyRoth the feature from View -> Terminals -> New Terminal
00:36:53  <mattpardee_>on c9.io
00:37:07  <mattpardee_>gives you direct access to the VM
00:37:18  <AndyRoth>But only on premium. Not in OSS.
00:37:22  <mattpardee_>indeed
00:37:31  <AndyRoth>Darn.
00:37:31  <mattpardee_>I understand now
00:37:38  <mattpardee_>sorry about the confusion
00:37:45  <AndyRoth>That's fine. Thanks.
00:38:25  <mattpardee_>Zeiban which project is giving you that error?
00:38:33  * AndyRothpart
00:38:47  <Zeiban>http://c9.io/zeiban/sandbox
00:38:58  <Zeiban>my other projects seem to be fine
00:39:26  <Zeiban>I even tried a different browser thinking it was cache issue.
00:39:59  <mattpardee_>dev team is already on it
00:40:04  <mattpardee_>will let you know when it's fixed
00:40:12  <Zeiban>ok, thanks
00:44:29  <mattpardee_>fixed :)
00:44:47  <Zeiban>Great! Thanks!
00:51:14  * Zeibanpart
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01:22:53  <justicefries>hello friends
01:23:52  <justicefries>I suppose I should watch mattpardee_ do cool things.
01:24:17  <mattpardee_>I'm a pretty interesting person.
01:24:47  <justicefries>indeed
01:25:14  <mattpardee_>getting up there with MJ
01:25:19  <mattpardee_>Jordan that is
01:26:14  <justicefries>you and this damn geekdots thing
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02:55:00  <jxf>mattpardee_: This is @superninjarobot, reporting in as request. I'm `fj_1`.
02:55:09  <mattpardee_>hello
02:55:23  <jxf>Howdy!
02:55:38  <mattpardee_>see private message :)
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03:14:42  <brad86>who hows it going guys
03:15:11  <mattpardee_>hey brad86
03:17:00  <brad86>still workin on the ide matt or you chillin
03:17:12  <mattpardee_>working on a billing error
03:17:18  <mattpardee_>nursing a headache :)
03:17:24  <mattpardee_>crazy day!
03:17:27  <brad86>i bet
03:17:48  <brad86>you guys use hummin bird?
03:18:09  <mattpardee_>hummin bird?
03:18:21  <brad86>http://hummingbirdstats.com/
03:18:27  <brad86>bad ass stats
03:18:54  <brad86>i would have like to see the feed on c9.io today via that
03:20:01  <brad86>you can tie it to errors and see the stats live on the errors
03:21:12  <brad86>^^ or that what ive been doing
03:21:23  <mattpardee_>neat
03:23:42  <brad86>i live over here in florida and we got this tropical storm
03:24:12  <brad86>i the only vehicle i have is a motorcycle
03:25:01  <brad86>so ive been hanging around the house waiting for the ide to stable out
03:26:32  <brad86>i just got tweeted that the error was having should be fixed
03:34:23  <Leemp>Hmm, wonder if i can git commit now
03:36:41  <Leemp>Actually, can't even `git status` atm, let alone commit lol
03:38:43  <Leemp>Bah, guess i'll try tomorrow
03:39:26  <mattpardee_>leemp which project?
03:39:39  <mattpardee_>stepping out for a minute
03:39:43  <mattpardee_>back soon
03:39:47  <Leemp>k
03:40:10  <Leemp>hmm, you're right, it's project specific..
03:40:16  <Leemp>Perhaps if i ?reset
03:40:57  <Leemp>weird. I ?reset=1, and now git works like a charm
03:46:00  <Leemp>Also, it seems to be going offline quite frequently
03:47:16  <mattpardee_>indeed. launch-day troubles
03:47:41  <Leemp>Yea, still can't commit
03:47:48  <Leemp>I'll check back tomorrow, hope it's fixed then
03:48:15  <Leemp>mattpardee_: https://gist.github.com/0a76128f0110ec4e534d
03:48:22  <Leemp>Hope it's one of the higher priority bugs haha
03:49:31  <mattpardee_>yikes
03:50:05  <Leemp>Supposedly it works without quotes, but i tried that with the same issue. https://gist.github.com/e25337a7cdefede3df06
03:52:11  <brad86>yea im still having the workspace creation issues.. hope the guy on the other end of twitter got it :P
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04:42:49  <brad86>lol did my problem with that cloudfoundry file have something todo with no cloudfoundry?
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05:06:13  <mcepl>could anybody help me with this failed git remote add command http://mcepl.fedorapeople.org/tmp/c9io-failed-git-command.png ? I have copied public key from c9 to openshift and URL is copy&pasted from the command line (the real one) where it push works.
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08:23:10  <gero3>what is happening on the backend
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08:24:50  <Daegalus>mattpardee_: just wanted to say, the latest updated to C9 is everything I have been waiting for. Took a while, but I love what Cloud9 has been doing, so I will be upgrading back to premium shortly. Tell all teh guys they are doing amazing jobs and to keep it up.
08:25:25  <mattpardee_>that's high praise Daegalus, thank you!
08:26:06  <gero3>I seem to have a very slow connection now
08:26:25  <Daegalus>mattpardee_: no problem, you guys deserve it, and its the best way I can show my support, aside form word of mouth.
08:27:27  <Daegalus>anyways, imma head to bed, but I wanted to pop in and tell you that :) Ttyl. Ill pop in more often.
08:27:37  <mattpardee_>thanks again! sleep well
08:27:47  * Daegaluspart ("WeeChat 0.3.7")
08:28:23  <gero3>mattpardee_ Are
08:28:39  <gero3>Are you guys working on the server
08:28:56  <gero3>Or is the migrating so slow
08:28:59  <mattpardee_>at the moment I don't think so, the dev team is active though so something might be happening
08:29:11  <mattpardee_>oh project migration? that seems to be a problem when the pool dries up
08:29:14  <gero3>ah okay
08:29:22  <mattpardee_>we create this pool of resources
08:29:38  <mattpardee_>I don't know much more than that, other than we spotted it late yesterday
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08:30:14  <gero3>And how does VM work
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08:30:33  <mattpardee_>well each user is on their own VM
08:30:53  <gero3>ah okay
08:30:58  <mattpardee_>premium users will see this in the new terminal
08:31:01  <mattpardee_>(Alt+T)
08:31:44  <gero3>wooh a bit slow
08:31:45  <mattpardee_>I mean, try compiling with gcc if you have a premium account
08:31:48  <mattpardee_>it's awesome
08:32:38  <gero3>would be nice to have cloud9 running inside of online c9
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09:04:33  <gero3>quite a serious bug: after using a terminal, then you can't save edited files
09:04:34  <gero3>well simply opening terminal is enough
09:05:12  <mattpardee_>gero3 I just noticed a similar thing, going to send a bug reoprt to the team
09:05:26  <gero3>I ALREADY SENT ONE
09:05:36  <mattpardee_>hah!
09:05:40  <mattpardee_>quickest fingers in the west
09:05:41  <gero3>whoops sorry capslock
09:06:16  <gero3>I also have a problem with the fact that I can't run a node project
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09:45:22  <gero3>I seem to have problems starting a nodejs file
09:45:30  <Chip_Zero>gero3: ouch, we can reproduce it and we're working on that save bug
09:45:35  <Chip_Zero>gero3: what kind of problem?
09:46:37  <gero3>It just keeps running without even executing a single line
09:47:41  <gero3>Altough before it just worked and stoppped with an exception
09:47:51  <gero3>Chip_Zero
09:48:27  <gero3>already did reset=1
09:48:35  <gero3>and clearing cache
09:49:09  <Chip_Zero>does it happen with other files?
09:51:40  <gero3>yep
09:52:14  <gero3>tried it with a file only containing console.log("test") Chip_Zero
09:53:59  <Chip_Zero>gero3: that may make it harder to pinpoint the problem :) not much I can do, though, better just send a report to the team
09:57:25  <mcepl>sorry, second try doesn't work for me ... c9 says that the project exists (it should) but it doesn't show it in my porjects. ... back to vim. That at least works.
09:58:45  <gero3>Chip_Zero stupid that I am
09:59:06  <gero3>I fixed it by switching to run mode instead of debug mode
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10:48:14  <mynix>hola! anyone tried the new c9local on a mac???
10:48:58  <mattpardee_>hi mynix, yeah, unfortunately there are problems indeed
10:49:08  <mattpardee_>we have logged a bug report
10:49:17  <mattpardee_>about the way it starts and crashes
10:49:35  <mattpardee_>for a long time we were using a command-line installer that sets itself up on your path
10:49:41  <mattpardee_>so you can run "c9" from your terminal
10:49:57  <mattpardee_>and then recently we switched to the DMG installer, which causes some issues
10:50:20  <mynix>ahhh, thanks mattpardee - thought it might be just me!
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12:46:12  <ggoodman>hrm, no luck with using git anymore
12:47:28  <ggoodman>git commit -m "Update ace and stop archiving" error: pathspec 'ace' did not match any file(s) known to git
12:47:59  * bnoordhuisjoined
12:48:42  <ggoodman>bnoordhuis: not sure if you're there but are others reporting issues w/ CLI args in quotes?
12:49:00  <bnoordhuis>ggoodman: yes, known issue. i believe `git commit -m foo` works, e.g. sans quotes
12:49:17  <ggoodman>ok, so a one_word_commit_message?
12:49:37  <bnoordhuis>yeah, or maybe four\ word\ commit\ message
12:49:45  <ggoodman>oh, :)
12:49:58  <bnoordhuis>i'll bump the issue in our tracker, a number of people have been complaining about that
12:50:26  <ggoodman>good call w/ the escapes
12:51:09  <ggoodman>crazy day yesterday i bet :P
12:51:20  <ggoodman>get any sleep?
12:51:28  <bnoordhuis>i slept like a little baby
12:51:32  <bnoordhuis>but then i don't work on the ide :)
12:53:24  <ggoodman>ah, lol
12:54:34  <ggoodman>what do you work on if you don't mind my asking?
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13:25:13  <ggoodman>man do i love having less syntax now
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13:38:24  <bnoordhuis>ggoodman: i'm a node core maintainer
13:39:14  <ggoodman>ah, i see lots of noordhuis credits in the version releases but thought that was a 'p' and not a 'b'
13:39:28  <jxf>Is this channel just for Cloud 9 developers or are support questions allowed here too? (I was asked into here last night by matt_pardee vis-a-vis issues with a Premium account.)
13:40:21  <bnoordhuis>ggoodman: there's a pnoordhuis actually but he works for vmware and maintains redis, not node :)
13:40:44  <ggoodman>jxf, I don't have the same level of tact as you... in the past I've just asked questions and the people in the know have been kind enough to answer
13:40:50  <bnoordhuis>jxf: shoot. i may not be able to help though
13:41:17  <ggoodman>bnoordhuis: congrats on 0.8 then!
13:41:24  <bnoordhuis>thank you :)
13:43:17  <jxf>ggoodman: Haha, well, I prefer to look before I leap :)
13:43:58  <jxf>So, I signed up, looks great, et cetera. I decided to jump to Premium (because I need to be able to `gem install` various things, set up ZeroMQ/Redis/etc., that sort of shenanigans).
13:44:22  <jxf>Last night I understand there were some issues with payments processing, so when I signed up my payment didn't immediately go through.
13:45:02  <jxf>This morning I got an e-mail saying I was upgraded to Premium. But when I go into C9 and try to use any Premium feature, it just says "Upgrade to Premium", with a link to sign up for Premium. If I click any of those links, I get a popup that says I'm already on Premium.
13:45:49  <jxf>I dug around in the app_config JS and it does seem to suggest that I'm on Premium.
13:46:15  <jxf>[{"name":"fj_1", ..., "premium":true}], etc.
13:47:15  <bnoordhuis>jxf: ah, you'd better ask our support team about that, i don't have access to our billing data
13:47:35  <bnoordhuis>jxf: but it sounds like your account got stuck halfway through the upgrade process
13:48:08  <jxf>Ah, weaksauce.
13:49:14  <jxf>Ah, looks like support just responded to my tweet: https://twitter.com/C9Support/status/217975817899220992
13:49:30  <jxf>Guess I'll just wait it out, then. Thanks for the help.
13:49:35  <jxf>production deploys, lulz
13:53:51  <Leemp2>Bah, still can't commit.
13:54:41  <Leemp2>bnoordhuis: Nice call on the escape.. at least i can commit lol
13:55:27  <gero3>bnoordhuis any idea when cloud9 will migrate to 0.8
13:55:45  <gero3>or at least support it
13:55:58  <bnoordhuis>gero3: well... it might take a bit
13:56:06  <bnoordhuis>upgrading from 0.4 to 0.6 was quite painful
13:56:22  <gero3>lol you don't have to say me that
13:56:29  <bnoordhuis>then again, the delta between 0.6 and 0.8 is much smaller than it was for 0.4-0.6
13:56:55  <gero3>I bleieve it's mostly the sys module that will give problems
13:57:12  <bnoordhuis>yes, but that's easily fixed with a perl oneliner
13:57:24  <bnoordhuis>i run c9local on 0.8 and it's surprisingly smooth
13:57:34  <gero3>nice
13:58:03  <gero3>I'll take a look at it then
13:58:06  * th3reverendjoined
14:01:17  <th3reverend>does anyone know if there are plans to support fossil scm in cloud9? i have a lot of repos in fossil. i see you get full shell support with paid subscription, so i assume i could just wget fossil and use it in the shell. right?
14:02:13  <gero3>yep
14:02:17  <gero3>wget is supported
14:02:51  <th3reverend>hehe thx gero3
14:04:14  * mceplpart
14:05:57  <ggoodman>hey bnoordhuis a typo on the features page... might want to let the front-end fellows know... C9 Cloud section, first sentence, 'platfor' is missing the 'm'
14:06:40  <ggoodman>oh, cli is premium only :-S had a brief but magical experience w/ it on the beta
14:08:16  <bnoordhuis>ggoodman: thanks, i'll pass it on
14:09:33  <gero3>Is it impossible to create new projects or is it just slow??
14:10:29  <gero3>Project with name 'cloud9online' does not exist for u '764'
14:11:17  <Leemp2>Wow. Even REPL works on Cloud9 now.
14:11:21  <Leemp2> /clap
14:11:25  <Leemp2>Every impressive
14:11:29  <Leemp2>Very*
14:11:32  <Leemp2>(I'm not awake :P)
14:11:46  * Leemp2drinks more coffee
14:13:00  <gero3>Leemp just be carefull as it makes it impossible to save anymore after opening it
14:13:08  <gero3>*Leemp2
14:13:18  <Leemp2>gero3: huh?
14:13:49  <Leemp2>gero3: Files? I've been able to save files since midday yesterday
14:14:19  <gero3>oh you mean the normal command line
14:14:46  <Leemp2>Are you talking about the Terminal? That worked fine for me yesterday
14:15:27  <gero3>had problems with it today. It idn't allow me to save edityed files after I opened the terminal
14:15:49  <Leemp2>Interesting
14:16:30  <gero3>was quite annoying actually
14:18:53  <ggoodman>how do you guys deal with pushing new versions wrt cached files on browsers?
14:27:27  <gero3>had problems with it today. It idn't allow me to save edityed files after I opened the terminal
14:27:35  <gero3>Is it impossible to create new projects or is it just slow??
14:34:02  <gero3>Please wait while we transfer your code to the new Cloud9 IDE
14:34:34  <th3reverend>i get the impression cloud9 is mainly aimed at javascript/node.js developers. i'm mainly a c/c++ dev and i'm not seeing considerable incentive to use cloud9. are you aware of any other c/c++ devs that are using cloud9 that i could chat with?
14:36:18  <Leemp2>Not i. Though, they're in the middle of implementing a Private VM solution that may be of interest to you.
14:37:30  <Leemp2>It's only just launching, so it's hard to say how much power you'll have (ie, you might not have sudo, etc), but it's a huge step in the right direction for compiled languages and really, anything beyond NodeJS.
14:37:57  <Leemp2>For example, they now list python/ruby/php-cli in their runtimes due to the vm
14:38:16  <Leemp2>Well i shouldn't say due to the VM, since i haven't tried free on this new platform yet.
14:40:56  <gero3>Leemp2 also gcc is supported
14:41:05  <Leemp2>gero3: Nice :D
14:41:25  <gero3>and indeed no sudo
14:42:09  <gero3>altough I haven't tried half of it yet
14:42:56  <gero3>Chip_Zero Is there a problem with cloning projects
14:43:05  <gero3>or in migrating projects
14:43:32  <Leemp2>Seems pretty unstable atm in general
14:43:38  <Leemp2>Growing pains i'm sure
14:44:54  <Chip_Zero>gero3, Leemp2: yes, caused by yesterday's migration
14:45:01  <Chip_Zero>gero3: known issue, should be fixed asap
14:45:38  * rendez_joined
14:45:44  <gero3>thanks
14:48:53  * rendezquit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
14:48:53  * rendez_changed nick to rendez
14:54:49  <dannyg>chip_zero: this may come in handy sometime :) : http://webdsl.org/reposearch/search/Ace+%28Ajax.org+Cloud9+Editor%29 http://webdsl.org/reposearch/search/Cloud9+IDE http://webdsl.org/reposearch/search/treehugger.js
15:00:13  <Chip_Zero>dannyg: nice :)
15:00:48  <dannyg>now with clickable results to start new search
15:03:15  <ggoodman>dannyg: what does all the indexing of that?!
15:03:29  <dannyg>lucene
15:03:42  <ggoodman>pretty neat
15:08:24  <th3reverend>@leemp2 thx for the feedback re: c/c++
15:08:44  * gero3quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
15:08:54  * elmervcjoined
15:09:57  <th3reverend>i'll keep my eye on this space. it would be nice to have a subscription cloud based dev environment and save the $$ on visual studio refreshes. fingers crossed.
15:10:26  <th3reverend>although i gotta say i'm loving working in *nix + vi lately. so refreshing.
15:31:26  * jgomezjoined
15:36:16  <Leemp2>th3reverend: np
15:38:46  * neonlexjoined
15:40:02  * elmervcquit (Quit: Leaving)
15:40:32  <neonlex>Hi, I've a problem. I want to connect via SSH and the error status says: "Could not parse node version". The path is right and my version is: "v0.6.12". Thanks Daniel
16:07:15  * dannygpart
16:21:12  * mattpardee_joined
16:40:41  <Leemp2>Has anyone tried npm publish yet?
16:50:04  * fjakobsjoined
16:50:11  <neonlex> Hi, I've a problem. I want to connect via SSH and the error status says: "Could not parse node version". The path is right and my version is: "v0.6.12". Thanks Daniel
16:54:39  <mattpardee_>Hey neonlex, what happens if you don't include the path?
17:03:38  * jgomezquit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
17:12:04  <justicefries>ohai
17:12:18  <mattpardee_>ohai
17:19:37  * rendezquit (Quit: rendez)
17:23:04  <usabrad86>hello people
17:23:13  * cadornjoined
17:23:23  <mattpardee_>hello usabrad86
17:24:00  <usabrad86>today is another day... maby i can get some work done
17:25:49  <mattpardee_>we have a number of devs on project creation and migration issues. If that's a problem you were experiencing sit tight
17:26:19  <mattpardee_>will update everyone when we make progress
17:27:12  <usabrad86>true.. i had to tweet @support to remove a Processing workspace thats been in Q for over 13 hours
17:38:14  * kwmiebachjoined
17:40:14  <mattpardee_>@everyone we are experiencing the highest resource demand we've ever had in our history, and it's causing all new project creations and migrations to fail
17:40:24  <mattpardee_>We have all our senior devs on the issue and are getting it fixed ASAP
17:40:53  <mattpardee_>Will let you know when they're all resolved!
17:43:06  <kwmiebach>hi, I am trying to commit to hg, I get "permission denied". I am in a workspace that I clooned from bitbucket. Do I have to add an ssh key to bitbucket? But if so, where do I find the key?
17:44:08  <kwmiebach>Well I found the key iin the dashboard. I think this will fix it.
17:47:48  <kwmiebach>Well it doesn't. The key is already added to bitbucket. Why cant I commit?
17:55:09  <mattpardee_>kwmiebach we are having some platform back-end issues at the moment
17:55:19  <mattpardee_>we'll take a look at that issue ASAP
17:56:56  <kwmiebach>No problem, I'll try again some other day when all is settled. Good luck!
17:57:13  <ggoodman>anyone want to sponsor me a nexus Q?
17:57:26  <ggoodman>and maybe a nexus 7 while we're feeling generous?
18:00:09  * ricklonjoined
18:03:39  <ricklon>I'm running a class tonight. I'd like the students to use cloud9ide, and assignments on Github. Is the best practice still creat Github account, and then create cloud9ide account. Then link github to cloud9?
18:08:08  * migerhjoined
18:10:52  <Leemp2>mattpardee_: Ping > ricklon
18:11:06  <mattpardee_>hey Rick
18:11:30  <Leemp2>Wow, that worked like magic.. i may actually be God. Not sure.. but pretty sure.
18:11:35  <mattpardee_>haha
18:11:48  <Leemp2>:)
18:12:23  <mattpardee_>Rick: Yeah that's the best way. We are experiencing an insane amount of demand right now, so if you want to keep an ear open in this channel I'll update you when we've resolved workspace creation issues
18:13:02  <mattpardee_>When we do get the issues resolved, I would also suggest sharing the URL to your workspace with your students
18:13:14  <mattpardee_>Then they can see the code you're looking at
18:17:23  <ricklon>Cool. Can do. Thanks!
18:35:53  * mAritzquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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19:25:35  <Leemp2>Whoa, i tried to push to git and coud9 exploded
19:29:19  * fjakobsjoined
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19:31:33  * fjakobs_changed nick to fjakobs
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19:39:52  * flyingmanaquit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
19:40:41  <mattpardee_>update: we are cranking through the backlog of workspaces stuck in creation
19:41:10  <mattpardee_>if you had a workspace with the stuck spinner it should be "unstuck" soon
19:43:38  * Leemp2quit (Quit: Leaving)
19:47:03  * Leempjoined
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21:05:07  * mAritzjoined
21:23:02  <usabrad86>let me know when they get unstuck lol
21:33:24  <mattpardee_>will absolutely do
21:36:34  <justicefries>ohai mattpardee_
21:37:06  <mattpardee_>I thought you said chai
21:37:12  <mattpardee_>I thought you were bringing me a chai latte
21:37:24  <justicefries>that would be lovely wouldn't it?
21:39:04  <mattpardee_>yeah.
21:39:07  <mattpardee_>so...
21:39:40  <mattpardee_>guess I'll get my own
21:39:41  <mattpardee_>.
21:39:50  <justicefries>yeah, that's probably best.
21:40:07  <justicefries>for everyone involed.
21:40:09  <justicefries>involved.
21:58:12  * ggoodmanjoined
21:59:13  <ggoodman>git is refusing to use my c9 private key b/c of its file permissions... is this a known issue?
21:59:26  <ggoodman>by git i mean the git command within c9
22:03:16  <mattpardee_>ggoodman was this project just recently created?
22:03:20  <mattpardee_>as in today
22:05:20  * jxfquit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
22:06:49  <usabrad86>any est date on next beta :P
22:06:50  <usabrad86>lol
22:11:22  * rendezjoined
22:11:53  <Leemp>ggoodman: I had the same issue
22:13:16  <Leemp>Man, c9 just does not want to work
22:14:48  <Leemp>I wanted to test `npm prepublish` and `npm publish` today, but it's not looking good lol.
22:15:55  <mattpardee_>We are currently experiencing all kinds of reverberating effects from the core issues earlier
22:16:13  <mattpardee_>Tackling them one by one
22:19:26  <ggoodman>no, old project
22:19:44  <ggoodman>cc: mattpardee_
22:20:04  <mattpardee_>ok
22:21:20  <mattpardee_>we're working on the resource management issues currently, but will grab a senior dev to look at the permission issue ASAP
22:21:41  <ggoodman>how many are you anyway?
22:21:51  <mattpardee_>total? 29
22:21:57  <mattpardee_>in two parts of the world though
22:22:05  <mattpardee_>so the core team is in amsterdam and the rest in the US
22:29:08  <usabrad86>is it hard dealing with the different time zones?
22:33:54  * rendezquit (Quit: rendez)
22:45:47  * th3reverendquit (Quit: Leaving.)
22:50:25  <ggoodman>hehe, can't deploy my code because i can't get it off c9 :p
22:50:32  <ggoodman>stuck in the cloud! :p
22:52:53  <usabrad86>I dont ever wana come back down from this cloud
22:52:57  <usabrad86>:P
22:53:12  <usabrad86>BBL
22:53:13  <ggoodman>new bug for you mattpardee_, download project is throwing an uncaught error
22:53:22  * usabrad86quit
22:53:47  <ggoodman>TypeError: Cannot call method 'downloadProjectAsZip' of undefined at Object.<anonymous> (/home/ubuntu/c9/plugins-server/c9.api.project/tmp--486819600.js:64:15)
23:19:58  * mAritzquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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