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03:05:59  <bmatusiak>dir permissions keep gitting denied in beta
03:07:08  <bmatusiak>fatal: could not create work tree dir './baseVN'.: Permission denied
03:07:13  <bmatusiak>:(
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10:47:51  <qwebirc64238>Could anyone explain shortly the deference/relation between: https://github.com/ajaxorg/cloud9 https://github.com/ajaxorg/ace
10:49:41  * cadornpart
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14:34:21  <Leemp>c9.io is down!!! lol, guess i get to play DayZ while i wait :s
14:37:56  <bnoordhuis>Leemp: we're busy deploying the new release
14:38:08  <bnoordhuis>Leemp: btw, don't tweet that just yet, please :)
14:38:17  <Leemp>bnoordhuis: yea :)
14:38:20  <Leemp>lol hah, ok
14:38:41  <Leemp>bnoordhuis: Any *rough* idea on time? 24h? or under 6?
14:41:01  <bnoordhuis>Leemp: i assume (and hope) under six
14:41:13  <Leemp>righteo :)
14:41:27  <Leemp>(It's just my bearing on how often to hit F5 lol)
14:44:22  <Chip_Zero>should be almost ready now
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14:59:58  <ggoodman>surprise migration?! o.O
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15:10:27  <tthor>Is there an eta on when the upgrade will be complete?
15:11:26  * bradleymeckjoined
15:13:09  <Chip_Zero>when it's done
15:13:48  <tthor>Friendly and helpful, thanks Chip_Zero!
15:14:05  <Chip_Zero>tthor: np
15:14:24  <Chip_Zero>actually, we're waiting for the DNS change to propagate right now :)
15:14:26  <ggoodman>how do you guys publish scheduled downtime like this? Would have been nice to have a chance to push WIP code to an external repo.
15:15:03  <bradleymeck>is this the place to ask about npm's libxml on SmartOS? i have some problems, i can only compile as root, so i'm trying to figure out what libxml needs but does not have access to. any insight would be appreciated https://gist.github.com/2996359
15:16:26  <ggoodman>oh wow, the real-time collab is in now o.O
15:16:41  <ggoodman>did you guys build an in-house system for OT or something?
15:24:14  <bnoordhuis>ggoodman: yes
15:25:14  <bnoordhuis>bradleymeck: i've never seen /that/ error before...
15:25:20  <ggoodman>going to opensource it by any chance?
15:25:46  <bnoordhuis>ggoodman: not sure. maybe parts of it
15:25:46  <ggoodman>I've been using ShareJS but its still pretty alpha
15:26:30  <ggoodman>if i were you i wouldn't ;-) if it works as published that'll be a major key differentiator
15:27:00  <ggoodman>lol @ sentence fail 'major key'
15:27:20  <bnoordhuis>ggoodman: yeah. i don't think the magic sauce will be oss anytime soon but other parts may
15:28:17  <ggoodman>so this is the genesis of the beta that some of us have been using?
15:29:43  <justicefries>well you're already taking my money, so it's hard to say "take my money"
15:30:54  <justicefries>also the login proxy is dying for me.
15:31:09  <justicefries>Could not proxy request ->
15:32:40  <ggoodman>everything seems to be dying/dead for the time being
15:33:09  <justicefries>oh perfect, at least it's not just me.
15:33:53  <Chip_Zero>yeah, minor bump on the road in the migration process, we're working on it
15:34:33  <justicefries>i'm just going to sit here until I can live collaborate with people.
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15:39:43  <bradleymeck>seems npm's tmp folder was defaulting to /root/tmp...
15:40:25  <ggoodman>justicefries: You can collaborate (in a way less cool way) on http://plunker.no.de/edit </shameless plug>
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15:52:08  <ggoodman>ITS ALIVE!! o.O
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16:04:27  <ggoodman>bnoordhuis: if you guys happen to open-source the cursor and ownership parts of the collab as ace plugins that would be awesome without publishing the 'secret sauce'
16:04:55  <ggoodman>bnoordhuis: what i mean is the cursors and background hilighting of remote edits
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16:10:18  <bnoordhuis>ggoodman: i'll pass on the message (i don't work on the ide myself)
16:12:38  * bradleymeck_joined
16:13:44  <ggoodman>it would go straight from github to plunker :p
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16:31:00  <ggoodman>have things stabilized?
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16:46:51  <usabrad86>is this the new beta?
16:47:05  <usabrad86>or stable
16:47:36  <usabrad86>lol i can tell the images have ben changed and code sharing is enabled
16:48:21  <usabrad86>got rid of cloud foundry
16:48:23  <usabrad86>?
16:49:56  <usabrad86>added ssh workspace types
16:49:59  <usabrad86>nice
16:54:37  * bradleymeckjoined
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16:58:32  <usabrad86>c9s need to team up logmein.com to create workspaces via over hamachi
16:58:33  <usabrad86>:P
17:01:44  <Leemp>Nice, public url :)
17:01:53  <Leemp>I like that a lot
17:02:14  * tthorquit (Quit: tthor)
17:09:49  <Leemp>Is anyone else having trouble migrating projects?
17:09:55  <Leemp>One of mine migrated, but not the others
17:10:07  <Leemp>Luckily they're comitted to github lol
17:14:32  <justicefries>is c9 just getting absolutely hammered with traffic?
17:14:46  <Leemp>Not sure
17:15:04  <Leemp>The one project i have managed to migrate, is working pretty decently
17:15:47  <justicefries>I can't hit c9.io directly.
17:16:31  <justicefries>so I have cloud dev, cloud music, deployment...all I need is a pixel art editor.
17:16:38  <justicefries>or make one.
17:16:53  <justicefries>there we go.
17:27:22  <justicefries>not getting a console right now.
17:35:16  <Leemp>lol, it's all sorts of hitting the fan
17:35:30  <justicefries>haha yeah
17:35:41  <Leemp>My friend and i are testing the public viewing atm, it was working pretty well, and now it's exploding :s
17:36:28  <justicefries>yeah can't open files anymore
17:36:46  <justicefries>figuring out how to get node 0.8.x going.
17:36:55  <justicefries>also, node-gyp compile of bcrypt fails
17:37:07  <Leemp>I can edit/work on live files, but not open new ones
17:37:13  <Leemp>justicefries: node 0.8 on cloud9?
17:37:19  <justicefries>yup
17:37:28  <Leemp>omg
17:37:32  <Leemp>It says Python on cloud9
17:37:34  <Leemp>Christ.
17:37:41  <justicefries>you have a private VM, you should be able to run anything.
17:38:22  <Leemp>Wait, is this that new VM feature that they touted long ago? So i can actually run bcrypt? omg
17:38:38  <justicefries>bcrypt isn't compiling right now.
17:38:58  <Leemp>Though, tbh, if that's true, i am most excited about being able to Spawn and Exec
17:39:28  <Leemp>Code automation is hell on Cloud9 without spawn/exec. Things like Cakefiles are fucked lol
17:39:33  <Leemp>pardon my french.
17:40:01  <justicefries>weird
17:40:04  <justicefries>it doesn't think i'm on premium.
17:40:08  <justicefries>and won't let me open a terminal.
17:41:17  <Leemp>justicefries: Has pricing been talked about in regards to the VM?
17:41:21  <justicefries>$12/mo
17:41:32  <Leemp>Oh, so it comes with the premium? Thank god.
17:41:44  <justicefries>however, it's telling me to upgrade, but I'm already upgraded.
17:41:46  <Leemp>I was worried it was going to be an additional price
17:41:47  <justicefries>so I can't open a terminal.
17:42:25  <Leemp>12$ for private, plus another $10 or something for VMs.. i'd be better off just using my own tools offline.
17:46:14  <Leemp>justicefries: Man, i hope you are correct about the VMs. I'm so excited.
17:46:19  <justicefries>well hit Alt-T.
17:46:23  <justicefries>it should open a terminal for you.
17:46:27  <justicefries>but mine says I'm not premium.
17:46:42  <Leemp>Mine just closed
17:47:36  <Leemp>Funny enough, i am actually in the middle of an account transition, i need to resubmit my payment info this week, but i don't dare to right now due to the weirdness lol
17:49:22  <Leemp>btw, what are the chrome web store extra features of cloud9?
17:50:42  <justicefries>this is like day 1 of world of warcraft
17:50:46  <justicefries>F5
17:50:47  <justicefries>F5
17:50:57  <justicefries>or diablo 3
17:51:51  <usabrad86>they need to add a querystring to dashboard ?killall=1 "To Kill All Project Processes"
17:52:58  <usabrad86>i feel like im hitting a breakpoint when i request open one of my projects
17:53:03  <usabrad86>lol
17:53:12  <justicefries>i think they're just getting hammered.
17:53:40  <usabrad86>well geeze i hope there not running off 1 server lol
17:53:53  <justicefries>no, but they have articles everywehre.
17:53:54  <justicefries>ZDNet etc.
17:54:01  <justicefries>it's a nerdrush.
17:54:13  <usabrad86>na
17:54:26  <usabrad86>still to many small problems
17:54:56  <justicefries>it's been live for 20 minutes, they probably need to scale up a bit.
17:55:20  <justicefries>woop got my terminal.
17:55:21  <usabrad86>its been a little longer then 20 minits
17:55:47  <justicefries>yeah, and the site was basically down for most of that.
17:55:56  <justicefries>like is aid, nerdrush.
17:56:30  <justicefries>do I not have sudo access to my VM?
17:58:55  <usabrad86>lol Error: ssh process died with exit code 255
17:59:05  <usabrad86>wasent even using ssh :/
17:59:25  <usabrad86>was actually looking at a readonly project on different account
18:00:27  <justicefries>it's really weird running VIM in my terminal window in C9.
18:11:35  <Leemp>Is the dashboard down for anyone else?
18:12:30  <justicefries>yes.
18:17:17  <ggoodman>yes
18:17:35  <justicefries>http://www.cloud9ide.com/
18:18:24  <Leemp>How funny
18:18:30  <Leemp>I didn't think that was even being used anymore
18:18:34  <Leemp>It always forwards to c9.io
18:24:09  * adrianFjoined
18:24:32  <justicefries>well
18:24:38  <justicefries>wondering if we were all in here using c9.io
18:24:40  <justicefries>doing stuff
18:24:46  <justicefries>when we weren't supposed to (and they're migrating) ;)
18:27:13  <ggoodman>well I've seen their site pop quite a bit today on twitter. Perhaps the hype hit before the network was ready.
18:29:09  * fjakobsjoined
18:37:25  <ggoodman>seems to be requesting files from the cdn that aren't there :-S
18:45:18  * ggoodmanquit (Quit: Page closed)
18:49:01  * Leemp_Mobilejoined
18:49:26  <Leemp_Mobile>Bah, I forgot to join mobile
18:49:39  <Leemp_Mobile>Did I miss anything? Lol
18:52:50  <justicefries>up and performant
18:53:35  <justicefries>still doesn't think I can have a terminal though.
18:58:44  <Leemp_Mobile>Odd, cloud9ide.com still shows under construction
19:02:56  <justicefries>bcrypt still fails with node-gyp
19:16:50  * ggoodmanjoined
19:17:35  <ggoodman>how's the battle going guys?
19:19:33  <Leemp>ggoodman: Just got it to load
19:20:00  * mcepljoined
19:20:27  <Leemp>justicefries: Got the terminal to work
19:20:39  <mcepl>when I try to add new remote (on OpenShift) to my git project, I get permission denied. ANy ideas, what could be wrong?
19:20:40  <Leemp>Haven't tried bcrypt though
19:21:10  <Leemp>mcepl: It's been a running problem for the last week or so for me. Randomly, for short periods of time
19:21:22  <Leemp>I always just let it play out and it went away.. report the bug though
19:21:28  <mcepl>where?
19:21:41  <Leemp>Help > Support > Report Bug
19:23:18  <justicefries>yeah same here
19:23:26  <justicefries>except every time I lose connection on a terminal
19:23:29  <justicefries>and try to open a new one
19:23:34  <justicefries>it thinks I'm not premium adn won't let me start one.
19:23:43  <Leemp>It's funny that we even have a terminal
19:23:54  <Leemp>Why isn't the friggin console the terminal xD
19:24:05  <justicefries>that's probably the most annoying thing right now is that it just dies.
19:24:06  <justicefries>well
19:24:07  <justicefries>grunt works well
19:24:22  <Leemp>Terminal could be great for more advanced things like Vim
19:24:48  <justicefries> vim works well in terminal
19:24:53  <justicefries>already tried it. :D
19:25:57  <justicefries>eh it's all getting unstable again.
19:26:05  <mcepl>https://github.com/ajaxorg/cloud9/issues/1763
19:26:05  <justicefries>well maybe not.
19:26:14  <mcepl>I am not a premium, BTW
19:28:46  <ggoodman>i'm back in too ;)
19:36:21  * flyingmana___joined
19:36:33  * piscisaureusquit (Quit: ~ Trillian Astra - www.trillian.im ~)
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19:48:15  <justicefries>getting SSH errors.
19:48:32  <justicefries>Error: ssh process died with exit code 255
19:52:57  <Leemp>Yea same
19:54:59  * Leemp_Mobile2joined
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19:56:22  <ggoodman>lots of moving parts
19:56:28  * Leemp_Mobilequit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
19:57:08  <justicefries>yup
19:57:33  <justicefries>my terminals are convinced I'm nopt a paying memeber.
19:57:34  <justicefries>member.
19:57:48  <Leemp>Maybe you're not
19:57:50  <Leemp>Freeloader.
19:57:52  <Leemp>hehe
19:57:54  <justicefries>I am. ;)
19:57:59  <justicefries>i'll be a freeloader too
19:58:34  <Leemp>lol i just want my damn project to load, i got work to do. Hope this isn't down for multiple days :s
19:59:01  <Leemp>Are nonbeta accounts affected too?
19:59:35  * piscisaureus_joined
19:59:54  <justicefries>weird, on the dashboard, too, it says I need a premium acconut to clone my private repos.
20:00:11  <justicefries>but I look at subscription details, it shows me as premium.
20:00:21  <justicefries>my account is all fucked up.
20:00:46  <justicefries>let's try reupgrading.
20:00:58  <Leemp>justicefries: Last time i did that, i was charged twice :s
20:01:44  <Leemp>justicefries: So when you were trying to compile bcrypt, did you happen to try importing Spawn or Exec?
20:01:45  * davejlongjoined
20:01:50  <justicefries>nope.
20:02:08  <Leemp>I'm really curious if those will work
20:02:11  <davejlong>Is it possible to change a username on Cloud9?
20:02:28  <Leemp>Not sure
20:02:35  <Leemp>I can't get into my account at the moment to check
20:02:42  <justicefries>yeah now I have 2 recurring payments. christ.
20:02:54  <Leemp>xD
20:03:53  <Leemp>davejlong: I don't see a way
20:04:01  <justicefries>kind of getting frustrating. :/
20:04:25  <davejlong>Any support guru's in the house to answer the question? I've been wanting to for awhile, and was about to cancel my account and open a new one, when they gave me beta access.
20:04:53  <Leemp>davejlong: Open a ticket :)
20:05:04  <davejlong>Touche
20:05:13  <Leemp>They're in the middle of migrating the service, so they might be busy
20:05:23  <Leemp>Everything is hitting the fan, at the moment
20:05:39  <davejlong>Yeah. The support site is pretty much down right now. You can't open a new ticket.
20:05:45  <Leemp>Ah right
20:05:50  <ggoodman>wow, run python ruby and php... hadn't seen that before
20:05:57  <justicefries>yeah might have to delete and remake my account. :|
20:06:12  <davejlong>That's what I figured.
20:06:16  <Leemp>I got a feeling justicefries is going to open a ticket as well, now that he has two subs hehe
20:06:49  <justicefries>nope I have 3 subs.
20:07:07  <ggoodman>subs to go around it seems!
20:07:23  <justicefries>aaagh.
20:08:15  <Leemp>xD!
20:08:51  <justicefries>this is frustating because I actually use cloud9, and now I'm all gimped on my private repo that I was paying for. :p
20:09:53  <Leemp>justicefries: You're just going to have to give it time.. private or public doesn't matter much when the whole thing is basically down for construction
20:10:06  <justicefries>oh it's up, it seems like it's a recurring issue for some premium members.
20:10:37  <Leemp>Private or public, i can't access *most* of my projects, let alone the private ones :P
20:10:46  <davejlong>I had an issue where I cancelled a premium account and they continued to bill me. They handled the support great though, even gave me an extra month of free premium.
20:11:15  <Leemp>At the moment, anytime i try to load a project, it starts migrating it, and that's all that happens. It stalls there, and just sits
20:11:16  <Leemp>lol
20:13:28  <justicefries>>:O
20:16:19  <ggoodman>one of my projects is working fine now
20:17:20  <ggoodman>one that was migrated to the beta.. another is just dead w/ ssh error
20:21:22  * davejlongquit (Quit: Leaving.)
20:23:38  * dannygjoined
20:30:04  * jkridner_quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
20:30:17  * jkridnerjoined
20:41:14  * visserjoined
21:14:41  <Leemp>justicefries: Omg. Spawn works like a charm.
21:15:46  <Leemp>I ran the node example code, http://nodejs.org/api/child_process.html#child_process_child_process_spawn_command_args_options
21:16:11  <Leemp>https://gist.github.com/a1dd51a2d89548fd5a3c
21:19:00  <Leemp>ggoodman, justicefries: Do either one of you have any projects that are stuck at "cloning" on the dashboard?
21:19:08  <Leemp>If so, just go to the direct url
21:19:13  <Leemp>It seems to fix the cloning issue
21:20:20  * bradleymeckquit (Quit: bradleymeck)
21:21:12  <Leemp>Also, c9.io seems to be running damn well atm
21:21:23  <justicefries>nope.
21:21:31  <justicefries>my issue is that I'm a paying member and it's not saying I am. ;)
21:23:04  <Leemp>Sure
21:23:10  <Leemp>I say that, and now my project says Offline.
21:23:11  <Leemp>lol
21:24:01  <Leemp>Man, if they *finally* give you a full VM, this will be huge for cloud9
21:24:36  <justicefries>it seemed like they did when I was messinga round in my terminal.
21:24:41  <justicefries>the one thing I noticed is I didn't have sudo access.
21:24:46  <justicefries>so I couldn't say, upgrade the nodejs version.
21:25:11  <Leemp>Gotcha
21:29:59  * visserquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
21:31:27  * visserjoined
21:38:03  <Leemp>justicefries: Can you commit code? I seem to get an error when i try to commit, it seems to be confused by spaces?
21:38:10  <justicefries>haven't tried yet.
21:38:21  <Leemp>https://gist.github.com/0a76128f0110ec4e534d
21:40:30  * adrianFquit (Quit: bye)
21:45:19  <bnoordhuis>Leemp: git commit -m?
21:45:29  <Leemp>bnoordhuis: ?
21:46:00  <bnoordhuis>Leemp: it's the quotes, `git commit -m foo` works
21:46:05  <bnoordhuis>known issue
21:46:20  <Leemp>Ah, i've always used quotes lol
21:46:40  <Leemp>Must only be an issue with this newest beta?
21:46:50  <Leemp>I never would have thought to not use quotes, ty :)
21:47:27  <bnoordhuis>yeah, it's a bug in the new release. should be fixed soon
21:47:46  <Leemp>bnoordhuis: Still didn't work
21:48:26  <Leemp>bnoordhuis: https://gist.github.com/e25337a7cdefede3df06
21:48:46  <Leemp>One word only commits? lol
21:49:23  <Leemp>Anyway, i'll just avoid committing for a bit. I imagine it's still in flux. Hope it's fixed soon :)
21:49:31  <Leemp>One can only go so long without comitting hehe
21:52:43  * mbjoined
21:52:57  * mbchanged nick to mbneededanewnick
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22:02:49  * Marko_joined
22:02:55  <Marko_>Hey
22:03:05  <Marko_>anyone here, I need some help :)
22:03:15  <Marko_>with cloud9ide
22:03:53  <Marko_>??
22:17:00  * kleptinejoined
22:35:17  * dannygquit (Quit: Leaving.)
22:36:31  <kleptine>Any reference as to how long c9.io will be down?
22:37:36  <bnoordhuis>kleptine: you mean http://c9.io/ ? works for me
22:37:51  <Marko_>ye work for me also
22:38:02  <Marko_>but its cloning ftp project for allready 1h :SS
22:38:05  <Marko_>stuck
22:38:47  <bnoordhuis>someone else complained about that too
22:39:46  <bnoordhuis>Marko_: file a support ticket or tweet @c9support, i wager that most cloud9ians are asleep now
22:39:56  <bnoordhuis>at least, for their sakes, i hope they are
22:40:18  <Marko_>ye I did allready
22:40:48  <Marko_>bugs for you guys?
22:42:17  <kleptine>Interesting
22:42:21  <kleptine>I'm getting this: http://d6ff1xmuve0sx.cloudfront.net/images/down-guru.png
22:42:43  <Marko_>I see where it comes to conflict, I upgrated my account to premium yesterday, today they sent me a email that it is downgraded, for some reason? and now I still have the abilitys of premium account :S
22:42:52  <Marko_>there comes to the conflict probablly.
22:43:35  <kleptine>Looks like they're upgrading the server architecture or something
22:45:22  <Marko_>or I just wasted 15 buks
22:45:23  <Marko_>xD
22:51:06  <justicefries>man.
22:51:11  <justicefries>still waiting for my C( account to be fixed. :/
22:51:23  <justicefries>maybe a bust til' tomorrow.
22:51:38  <justicefries>or maybe I need to recreate my account.
22:51:52  <justicefries>screw it i'll do that.
22:52:38  <justicefries>oh what the hell, now it's "subscription date is greater than current date"
22:53:31  <justicefries>needs to be greater.
22:55:14  <justicefries>we'll try this again.
23:02:56  * visserquit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
23:18:23  <kleptine>Looks like things are working on Firefox but not chrome, oddly enough
23:25:45  * kleptinequit (Quit: Page closed)
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