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02:02:08  <Leemp2>Is there *any* way to execute system commands or execute multiple files directly in c9?
02:02:16  <Leemp2>I'm trying to setup a build script.. quite annoying.
02:10:31  <mattpard_>leemp are you on the beta?
02:10:41  <mattpard_>Leemp2*
02:11:06  <Leemp2>No >:/ lol, i was sent an email, but haven't seen anything
02:11:41  <Leemp2>I think i can patch through this api though, just takes a bit of work (eg, i think i can work around the lack of exec)
02:11:43  <mattpard_>alright let's get you on the beta
02:11:49  <mattpard_>username leemp?
02:12:06  <Leemp2>Interesting lol, user: leeolayvar
02:12:09  <mattpard_>on the beta you can run something like grunt
02:12:24  <mattpard_>ok added, it might take up to 40 minutes
02:12:31  <mattpard_>be sure to close out any projects and log out, and then log back in to test
02:12:44  <mattpard_>new projects you open will get the beta server while your other ones timeout/log out
02:12:52  <mattpard_>and then move over
02:13:01  <Leemp2>Nice
02:13:15  <Leemp2>Will there be docs for this "like grunt" command?
02:13:15  <mattpard_>to run grunt, simply install it with npm install grunt
02:13:24  <mattpard_>and then run grunt from the command-line like you would your normal terminal
02:13:24  <Leemp2>Cool :)
02:14:39  <Leemp2>On a side note, do i need to fear for my projects under this beta? :s
02:15:12  <mattpard_>we haven't seen any problems with data :)
02:15:26  <mattpard_>in general beta is pretty stable
02:15:48  <Leemp2>k, great :). I wouldn't complain much anyway, i just wanted to know if i need to make sure and commit every 30 minutes hehe
02:16:30  <Leemp2>I'd feel at home anyway i spose. I used to work in 3D/CGI and i swear those are the most unstable programs known to man.
02:19:50  <mattpard_>I can imagine
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04:47:11  <Leemp2>Is there a way to toggle "beta"? I'm having trouble making debug.. work, and general laggy/poor response time. It's beta and all, so that's fine, but if i'm unable to work at certain times it might be an issue
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04:48:13  <mattpardee>Leemp2 currently no, we'd have to switch you back
04:48:19  <Leemp2>k
04:48:27  <Leemp2>Well, i'll give it time, see if it calms down lol
04:49:18  <Leemp2>Pretty seemless switch, i was impressed :)
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16:19:38  <Leemp>Anything i should know before submitting bugs about beta? I seem to have cached Lint errors in multiple files. I've got a Cakefile and a package.json saying there is an error that originates from a test file. (`Expected identifier and saw true instead`)
16:19:50  <mattpardee_>released a new beta today
16:20:03  <mattpardee_>ok
16:20:06  <mattpardee_>leemp in the help menu
16:20:11  <Leemp>It's not actually an "error" anyway, Lint apparently doesn't like should.js lol. `report.success.should.be.false` freaks it out hehe
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16:21:50  <mattpardee_>Help -> Support -> Report a bug...
16:22:03  <Leemp>k
16:22:11  * visserjoined
16:23:20  <mamund>mattpardee_: how can we tell if we have the "new beta"?
16:23:29  <mattpardee_>the new new new new beta?
16:23:34  <mamund>:)
16:23:42  <mamund>the newest of the new!~
16:24:00  <mattpardee_>we update the servers automatically for everyone on the beta channel
16:24:04  <mattpardee_>so you all on the beta channel should have it now
16:24:09  <mamund>ok
16:24:13  <mattpardee_>try this
16:24:30  <mattpardee_>in Preferences, under Language Support
16:24:34  <mattpardee_>enable Complete as you type
16:24:43  <mattpardee_>then in a node.js doc, var http = require("http");
16:24:47  <mamund>o.o
16:24:48  <mattpardee_>then type http.create
16:24:55  <mattpardee_>and see the suggestions appear
16:25:05  <mattpardee_>after a couple seconds, documentation will also appear alongside the current selection
16:26:01  <mamund>wahoo!
16:26:38  * mamundwipes a tear from his eye
16:26:38  <mattpardee_>I think we've agreed the wait time is too long, we just don't want it to take up too much space initially
16:26:42  <mattpardee_>hehe :)
16:27:15  <mamund>ok, might be me...
16:27:37  <mamund>on "deploy" i don't see the azure "web sites" option
16:27:56  <mattpardee_>hmm indeed
16:28:12  <mamund>saw it last week (before new-new-new beta)
16:28:22  <mamund>ok, i can post a ticket ifyou like
16:28:34  <mattpardee_>I'll ask
16:28:38  <mattpardee_>we might have left it out intentionally
16:29:10  <mamund>:)
16:29:20  <mattpardee_>indeed it was intentional
16:32:35  <mamund>booo
16:32:35  <mamund>ok
16:34:00  <mattpardee_>having fun with sites?
16:34:04  <mattpardee_>how about that new portal eh?
16:34:10  <mattpardee_>what an improvement.
16:34:17  <mamund>yeah, it's a _big_ deal.
16:34:50  <mamund>the only fly in the ointment for me is that WebMatrix is still just "too much"
16:35:02  <mamund>very comfortable here
16:35:19  <mamund>but, now (of course) missing the sites thing for the beta here, but that's fine for now
16:35:21  <mattpardee_>do you mean in the sense of design values?
16:35:50  <mamund>well, WebMatrix is too much to install, too much hand-holding, too much "stuff in my way", etc.
16:35:53  <mamund>it's me, i guess.
16:36:08  <mattpardee_>well we worry about that stuff so I want to make sure I know where we're doing it right :)
16:36:23  <mattpardee_>specifically the stuff in your way part
16:36:23  <mamund>well, from my POV, C9 is hitting it just about right
16:36:31  <mamund>i _want_ a command line
16:36:51  <mamund>and i _want_ code suggestions, analysis, jshint, etc.
16:37:01  <mamund>so i like the way it's going here.
16:37:09  <mattpardee_>gotcha
16:37:27  <mamund>so, it's not like i want to use gedit for everything<g>.
16:37:37  <mamund>i want bells & whistles<g>.
16:37:48  <mamund>i guess i like the b&w here :)
16:37:57  <mattpardee_>:)
16:38:04  <mattpardee_>oh did you see my e-mail from yesterday?
16:38:05  <mamund>anyway, really liking the new bits and will be having fun this weekend.
16:38:07  <mattpardee_>did you have a chance to check it out?
16:38:14  <mamund>doing it right now
16:38:19  <mattpardee_>cool
16:38:22  <mamund>(well, not right now)
16:38:35  <justicefries>hint: C9 is terrible
16:38:36  <justicefries>actually it's awesome
16:38:38  * gero3joined
16:38:39  <justicefries>i use it all the time
16:39:01  <justicefries>except I need to pull request in some vim mode stuff
16:39:02  <mattpardee_>A Man Confused and Conflicted. Personal Memoirs by Gerred Dillon
16:39:25  <mattpardee_>yes
16:39:35  <mattpardee_>I think everyone wants to see a complete vim mode
16:39:38  <justicefries>and I want to write lua and compile it in the cloud.
16:39:43  <justicefries>but I'm the only person who wants that.
16:39:50  <mattpardee_>actually creationix wants that
16:39:56  <justicefries>oh nice.
16:40:04  <mattpardee_>so you've got a friend on the inside
16:40:25  <justicefries>I'd love to do gideros/corona SDK stuff and just get the results spit back out at me.
16:40:33  <justicefries>I guess it's all just a git push/git pull away.
16:41:15  <mamund>justicefries: RELEASE THE VIMZ!
16:41:30  <gero3>lol
16:41:53  <justicefries>what else do I want.
16:41:57  <justicefries>I know matt's writing this all down.
16:42:01  <mamund>:)
16:42:04  <justicefries>on paper.
16:42:15  <mamund>with a golf pencil
16:42:22  <justicefries>the finest kind of pencil
16:42:28  <mattpardee_>on velum
16:42:35  <mattpardee_>I'm actually getting a tattoo
16:42:38  <mamund>one of the ones from a putt-putt course
16:42:52  <justicefries>I'd love some sort of functionality that CodeKit or LiveReload provides.
16:43:00  <justicefries>actually.
16:43:00  * mamundhands mattpardee_ a +1 for the reference fo velum
16:43:56  <justicefries>Have CodeKit's templates as a dumping bin for all of the shit I collect across the internet - jQuery, Backbone, Ember, et al so I don't have to go play internet scavenger hunter for every project, and then inject a script tag in run/debug mode that reloads the page when I save any file.
16:45:08  <mattpardee_>isn't there an npm package that does that
16:45:16  <mattpardee_>the reloading part
16:45:22  <mattpardee_>there are 5 I'm sure
16:45:40  <mattpardee_>I agree though about the frontend development thing
16:45:42  <justicefries>i haven't seen one, then again I found LiveReload on the app store and then didn't bother looking at anything else.
16:47:37  <mattpardee_>I'd like to have a Clippy Paul Irish
16:47:56  <mattpardee_>throwing script tags of dev resources
16:48:06  <mattpardee_>isn't there just ONE good way to write a front-end application in javascript/html?
16:48:15  <mattpardee_>oh it's 2012?
16:48:15  <justicefries>"I see you're writing JavaScript. Would you like me to give a talk about the Chrome Inspoector?"
16:48:21  <mattpardee_>lol
16:48:43  <mattpardee_>alright back to work
16:49:00  <justicefries>i'm actually really liking how I can use cloud9 plus phonegap build.
16:49:16  <mattpardee_>they support git push or something?
16:49:24  <justicefries>yeah.
16:49:37  <mattpardee_>then you just have to what
16:49:40  <mattpardee_>use their site to download your build
16:49:41  <mattpardee_>?
16:50:00  <justicefries>they show a QR code
16:50:05  <justicefries>that's a link to a download
16:50:11  <justicefries>and if you have the right provisioning profiles, etc., bam.
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18:43:35  <usabrad86>anybody here working on beta?
18:43:55  <mattpardee_>hey usabrad86
18:44:08  <mattpardee_>yes
18:45:14  <usabrad86>my project Files menu
18:45:34  <usabrad86>is fixed and width wont expand
18:45:39  <usabrad86>:/
18:46:35  <usabrad86>no horizontal scrolling also
18:46:42  <usabrad86>lol
18:46:46  <mamund>huh, one of my projects has "Read Only Mode" appearing in the top toolbar
18:47:09  <mamund>ohhh
18:47:16  <mamund>that's from another user account!
18:47:39  <mattpardee_>looks like the server is having some trouble
18:47:44  <mattpardee_>usabrad86 which browser and version?
18:47:45  <mamund>:)
18:49:39  <usabrad86>firefox 12
18:49:55  <usabrad86>wait
18:49:57  <usabrad86>firefox 13
18:50:08  <usabrad86>^^ correct
18:51:51  <usabrad86>chrom works fine :/
18:52:54  <mattpardee_>hmm ok
18:52:59  <mattpardee_>can you file a bug from the help menu?
18:53:26  * chrisramonjoined
18:54:22  <chrisramon>can any1 help me how to run a php script on cloud9?
18:54:43  <mattpardee_>hey chrisramon that's not possible at this time
18:54:54  <justicefries>yeah chrisramon, nodejs.org
18:55:56  <chrisramon>Cloud9 just support run JS scripts for now?
18:57:07  * javrubenjoined
18:59:19  <mattpardee_>yeah node.js
18:59:25  <mattpardee_>for now
18:59:52  <justicefries>and you can preview html files
19:00:32  <mattpardee_>chrisramon we support FTP projects too
19:00:39  <mattpardee_>so you can attach cloud9 to your FTP server
19:00:51  <mattpardee_>edit your PHP that way, get the best of both worlds
19:01:00  <mattpardee_>and then access your FTP project from anywhere
19:01:46  <usabrad86>chrisramon take a look at http://phpjs.org/
19:02:12  <usabrad86>you can convert some php to nodejs useing this lib
19:04:01  <chrisramon>ok, thanks!
19:04:30  <usabrad86>mattpardee_ i dont see report bug in help menu :/
19:04:47  <mattpardee_>sorry I think it's Help -> Support
19:06:19  <usabrad86>all i have is FAQ and TrubShooting
19:06:26  <usabrad86>in support
19:08:57  <usabrad86>and also i just noticed the BothSideBar and DockPanels Width wont expand
19:09:18  <mattpardee_>usabrad86 can you send me a screenshot of the IDE?
19:09:21  <mattpardee_>I don't think you're on beta
19:09:41  <usabrad86>humm
19:09:59  <usabrad86>isent there a git command that tells you what branch your on?
19:10:09  <mattpardee_>yes for your code
19:10:36  <mattpardee_>this is what the beta looks like - http://screencast.com/t/Aodu1KL0TTaa
19:12:25  * mattpardee_COFFEE
19:14:28  <usabrad86>it looks the same
19:14:31  <usabrad86>ill upload anyways
19:15:38  * chrisramonpart
19:18:41  <usabrad86>https://www.dropbox.com/s/bc8i0k8lidwa6p8/beta.png
19:18:58  <usabrad86>mattpardee ^^ my screenshot
19:21:01  <mattpardee_>oh you're runnign this locally
19:21:03  <mattpardee_>not on c9.io
19:21:29  <mattpardee_>can you file a new bug here then? :) http://github.com/ajaxorg/cloud9/issues
19:27:04  <usabrad86>ok issus added
19:33:55  <mattpardee_>ty!
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19:39:17  <usabrad86>humm is there way to allow me to become a tester for c9.io beta
19:39:23  * flyingmana__quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
19:40:07  <usabrad86>or is that only for Premium members
19:40:13  <ggoodman>one of the app runner servers seems to be acting up (app reports itself as running but proxy disagrees)
19:40:34  <javruben>usabrad86 I can make you a beta user
19:40:39  <javruben>what is your cloud9 username?
19:40:43  <usabrad86>bmatusiak
19:41:01  * piscisaureus_quit (Quit: ~ Trillian Astra - www.trillian.im ~)
19:41:26  <ggoodman>javruben: ORLY?
19:41:32  <ggoodman>o.O
19:41:38  <javruben>ggoodman: that's a known issue, we're working on a solution
19:41:53  <mattpardee_>javruben has powers.
19:42:03  <javruben>mattpardee_ has them too
19:42:03  <ggoodman>javruben: would be nifty if there was a button to report this from the proxy error page
19:42:15  <javruben>ggoodman, we are aware of that too
19:42:25  * usabrad86thanks javruben for using his powers on bmatusiaks account
19:42:28  <mattpardee_>would be even better if the error didn't happen in thef irst place lol
19:42:38  <ggoodman>what is new/different in the beta if you don't mind my asking...
19:42:45  <ggoodman>mattpardee_: of course
19:43:05  <usabrad86>ggoodman: thats what i was wanting to see
19:43:09  <usabrad86>:P
19:43:21  <ggoodman>I asked zef about getting in on that but didn't make much headway
19:43:33  <javruben>ggoodman, we can not tell you what the beta is….
19:43:42  <javruben>ggoodman what is your c9 user
19:43:48  <ggoodman>ggoodman
19:44:06  <usabrad86>lol
19:44:16  <javruben>consider yourselves added
19:44:24  <javruben>you might have to log out or clear cookies
19:44:29  * ggoodmanfrantically commits first
19:44:30  <javruben>and sometimes wait a little bit
19:48:59  <ggoodman>javruben: just a little hint if you don't mind... will it be visually obvious?
19:49:20  <mattpardee_>yes
19:49:41  <ggoodman>ok, then i'll have to battle with my patience a bit :p
19:49:54  <javruben>very obvious
19:50:05  <javruben>make sure you log out of all your projects
19:50:08  <Leemp>Unicorns, gnomes, etc
19:50:09  <javruben>and then wait a while
19:50:22  <javruben>dancing prawns
19:50:31  <ggoodman>i just cleared some cache stuff w/ chrome://settings/cookies
19:50:45  * javrubenquit (Quit: javruben)
19:51:50  * fjakobs_quit (Quit: fjakobs_)
19:52:13  <ggoodman>might be logged in on one of my other computers
19:52:27  <mattpardee_>ggoodman try opening a project you haven't opened in a while
19:52:39  <mattpardee_>that should show you the latest interface
19:52:45  <ggoodman>could that be something that might trigger the running/proxy sync bug?
19:53:14  <ggoodman>mattpardee_: good call
19:54:15  <usabrad86>i deployed a new project.. im still in stable
19:54:15  <usabrad86>lol
19:55:05  <ggoodman>interesting... trying to take the interface out of the way quite a bit it seems
19:55:53  * usabrad86has jealousy over ggoodman
19:56:22  <ggoodman>mattpardee_: what are you guys using for your every-day dev?
19:56:28  <mattpardee_>cloud9 :)
19:57:22  <ggoodman>mattpardee_: I mean beta or pre-beta?
19:59:11  <ggoodman>I can see that the file history diff thing will be nifty.,. but it seems to be legitimately beta atm
19:59:26  <mattpardee_>that just broke today not sure what happened
19:59:29  <mattpardee_>so yes very beta :)
20:01:50  <ggoodman>how are you guys looking for feedback?
20:02:20  <mattpardee_>from the Help -> Support menu there's a "Report a bug" option
20:02:29  <mattpardee_>which can also be used for feature suggestions
20:03:16  <ggoodman>Its nice that certain things can be toggled in settings
20:03:28  <ggoodman>not a fan of the auto-hide.. glad its togglable
20:04:36  <ggoodman>and can disable color-picker when I don't need it :)
20:04:44  <ggoodman>maybe that was always there, but just discovered now
20:04:55  <ggoodman>I also love that I have a visual confirmation that my files are saved
20:05:56  <usabrad86>my account still hasent changed over to beta
20:07:09  <gjtorikian>ggoodman: the idea had always been to let the user decide whether to enable autohide, or the color picker, or whatever ui
20:07:14  <gjtorikian>now it's not an idea, it's a rule ;p
20:07:34  <ggoodman>I've been trying to make my 'ide' (based on AMAZING ace) minimal as well. It is tough to come up with a ui that is useful and intuitive without taking up all the space
20:09:12  <ggoodman>seems like the best overall arrangement has pretty much settled to a borderlayout w/ W: file nav, N: menu/toolbar, E: Tools/Split/Misc, S: Console/Split/Misc
20:09:30  <ggoodman>and center is obviously the textarea
20:10:16  <ggoodman>I can deploy to cloud foundry?!
20:10:29  <ggoodman>was that always there?
20:11:17  <usabrad86>in conole > 'send' = not recognized, but its in the list of autocompleate
20:12:22  <usabrad86>cmd: send ,descrip: send a message to the server
20:12:27  <usabrad86>i think thats kinda funny
20:12:43  <mattpardee_>ggoodman yeah we announced our work with them a couple months ago
20:13:15  <ggoodman>mattpardee_: yeah I remember that and immediately tried to get an invite (which I now have)
20:13:22  <ggoodman>I'll be checking that out
20:13:41  <mattpardee_>keep in mind you can specify any API endpoint
20:13:48  <mattpardee_>their PaaS is open source
20:13:58  <mattpardee_>so you can have your own CF PaaS on your own server
20:14:01  <mattpardee_>and deploy to that
20:14:05  <mattpardee_>at least, that's how I think it works :)
20:16:40  <usabrad86>mattpardee_ how can i delete my .settings file on c9.io?
20:16:53  <usabrad86>lol
20:16:55  <mattpardee_>you can't delete it but you can reset it
20:17:04  <mattpardee_>c9.io/username/project?reset=1
20:17:12  <usabrad86>does that contain the beta info?
20:17:19  <mattpardee_>hm?
20:17:23  <Leemp>So, What is the deal with grunt? I was told grunt is a solution for handling execution of files (eg, custom commands. Things like bin/coffee for CoffeeScript). When i looked into grunt, it appeared to be some type of custom, all inclusive build system (boy i hate those lol). thoughts?
20:17:50  <mattpardee_>leemp the new console allows you to execute node packages
20:17:56  <mattpardee_>I just thought you wanted a buld manager
20:17:58  <ggoodman>mattpardee_: WOW!
20:18:03  <mattpardee_>I think I must have misunderstood
20:18:09  <Leemp>mattpardee_: Oh yea? I didn't notice
20:18:15  <mattpardee_>unfortunately there's a very strange bug with executing packages
20:18:21  <mattpardee_>which I'm currently looking into
20:18:28  <mattpardee_>sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't
20:18:34  <mattpardee_>when it does work you get STDIN
20:18:40  <mattpardee_>so you can use the coffeescript repl, for instance
20:18:45  <ggoodman>I can't even see my input on the console :S
20:18:50  <mattpardee_>I've even run an IRC client in the new console
20:18:57  <mattpardee_>ah ggoodman type shift+escape
20:18:58  <Leemp>So.. how? Lets use coffeescript as an example, if i `npm install coffee-script`, can i call "coffee"? Because currently i can't
20:19:01  <mattpardee_>or go to the view menu :)
20:19:10  <usabrad86>ggoodman: shift-esc
20:19:10  <mattpardee_>Leemp correct there's a bug somewhere
20:19:16  <Leemp>Gotcha
20:19:17  <ggoodman>mattpardee_: Ic
20:19:21  <ggoodman>sure-enough
20:20:09  <Leemp>Also, for my 2nd question.. does this work from code? I've got a build script that would *love* to be able to execute things like coffee, mocha, etc, as commands. Hell, mocha *hates* to be executed by an API, so is there a way to execute npm package commands from code?
20:20:13  <ggoodman>how do I keep the input line visible?!
20:20:19  <Leemp>Seeing as things like spawn/exec are disabled
20:20:37  <Leemp>ggoodman: View > Command Line
20:20:41  <Leemp>I had the same issue
20:20:49  <ggoodman>Leemp: thanks :)
20:22:26  <usabrad86>k im giving up clearing cookies and logging in and out of c9.io
20:23:13  <mattpardee_>leemp well not exactly, but I know a lot of people who want that
20:23:31  <mattpardee_>a kind of macro tool
20:23:51  * usabrad86changed nick to usabrad86_afk
20:24:46  * fjakobsjoined
20:24:53  <Leemp>Well, i think a `macro` would be *much* less useful than a way to use the code. Eg, if you use some type of Cloud9 macro to run your build and test scripts, you've essentially locked yourself in, and everyone else who doesn't use C9 out.
20:25:44  <Leemp>All those tools that handle build tasks (Make/Rake/Cake, Grunt(?), etc) are much less useful
20:25:50  <mattpardee_>sure I just mean the essence of that
20:25:56  <mattpardee_>idea
20:25:56  <Leemp>Gotcha
20:26:26  <ggoodman>so wait, what's the conclusion on this... we will be able to use coffee and such cmd-line tools?
20:26:40  <mattpardee_>yes
20:26:47  <ggoodman>would be nice for deploy tools for targets that aren't already supported
20:26:56  <mattpardee_>like jitsu? :)
20:27:02  <ggoodman>:P
20:27:05  <ggoodman>you read my mind
20:27:08  <mattpardee_>these aren't packages anymore
20:27:12  <mattpardee_>they're actual applications
20:27:14  <mattpardee_>think of it that way
20:27:20  <mattpardee_>you can run whatever you wnat in the cloud
20:27:27  <mattpardee_>guys I ran an IRC client in cloud9
20:27:41  <mattpardee_>from the jitsu guys, they make a hook.io-irc
20:27:54  <Leemp>ggoodman: For what it's worth, it's pretty easy to run from an api currently. import `'./node_modules/coffee-script/lib/coffee-script/command'` and call run(). That's it :), you'll want to manipulate the process.argv, but aside from that it's childs play
20:27:56  <ggoodman>cryptic error: "Process does not exist or already exiting"
20:28:05  <mattpardee_>ah yes if you stop a process that is output
20:28:11  <mattpardee_>looks like it tries to kill it twice
20:28:11  <ggoodman>Leemp: yes, I've deal w/ that before
20:28:18  * piscisaureus_joined
20:28:24  <ggoodman>Leemp: but that's jumping through hoops
20:28:25  <Leemp>ggoodman: But things like Mocha will still likely be imposible to automate in Cloud9
20:29:36  <Leemp>ggoodman: Well for me it works perfect, it's the difference between calling `exec('coffee -o /lib')` and `argv = '-o /lib'; run()`
20:29:39  <ggoodman>so lets take jitsu as an example... How would I be able to use that? I've tried npm install -g jitsu and then running
20:30:03  <Leemp>But i'm using build files anyway
20:30:29  <mattpardee_>so everyone is on the same page
20:30:33  <mattpardee_>it's not working right now
20:30:41  <mattpardee_>but when it does work, you simply run it like you would on your local machine
20:30:52  <mattpardee_>so for jitsu you can just type "jitsu" and it will do its thing
20:30:59  <mattpardee_>same with "express" and "coffee"
20:31:02  <ggoodman>including console input?
20:31:05  <mattpardee_>yes
20:31:10  <ggoodman>wow, that will be something
20:31:18  <mattpardee_>if it has an STDIN prompt, for input, you will see the command-line transform
20:31:43  <Leemp>I hate asking this (always asking more :P) lol, but is npm going to be supported better? Ie, `npm publish`, etc
20:32:02  <mattpardee_>Leemp not in the current shared environment since npm is a global utility
20:32:05  <Leemp>I haven't tried npm test or publish on the beta yet
20:32:13  <mattpardee_>but in the future that opportunity may open up
20:32:18  <mattpardee_>not so distance future
20:32:18  <Leemp>Gotcha
20:32:52  <Leemp>npm test isn't "important" (Though i do think full npm functionality is important), but npm publish is worth it, imo.
20:33:12  <Leemp>Seeing as npm test is just an alias for another script most of the time.
20:33:33  <Leemp>Well, and i believe it downloads devDeps. But anyway.
20:33:36  <mattpardee_>http://screencast.com/t/W5ebfGZ0DL
20:33:42  <mattpardee_>this is what it looks like when it's working properly :)
20:33:49  <Leemp>:)
20:33:58  <mattpardee_>cc ggoodman
20:34:16  <mattpardee_>so my current job is to figure out why it's not working properly on all projects, but is working properly here
20:34:25  <Leemp>I'll be excited to see what will be possible with the extension store too. Can't wait to write some utilities
20:34:47  <ggoodman>mattpardee_: isn't that a universal law? Works on my machine...
20:35:02  <mattpardee_>yes something we're trying to solve with development in the cloud :-P
20:35:13  <mattpardee_>everyone on the same software stack removes that problem entirely
20:35:20  <Leemp>ggoodman: He closed the machine and tightened the screws before he turned it on. It's his own fault.
20:35:32  <Leemp>:P
20:36:15  <ggoodman>mattpardee_: When I say 'universal'... :p
20:36:39  <Leemp>Ok, lets talk IE6 support.
20:36:42  <Leemp>xD
20:37:27  <ggoodman>that's some pretty cool code you guys have come up with to be able to transparently support stdin
20:38:17  * gero3joined
20:38:36  <gero3>sorry can someone look to a project of mine
20:38:42  <gero3>??
20:38:48  <mattpardee_>what's up gero3
20:38:50  <mattpardee_>which project
20:38:56  <Leemp>Even though i'm a critic, since i'm screaming for api access to executing node bins, it's going to be insanely nice to be able to call `cake build:all`, rather than having a run&debug list for everything
20:39:05  <Leemp>High fives all around
20:39:18  <gero3>three.js
20:39:36  <mattpardee_>thanks leemp :)
20:39:52  <gero3>it hangs on the nodejs project
20:40:28  <mattpardee_>gero3 there's not enough info for me to help
20:40:33  <mattpardee_>can you give me the URL to the project?
20:40:41  <gero3>http://c9.io/gero3/three_js
20:41:34  <mattpardee_>ok and what are you doing that's not working?
20:41:59  <ggoodman>how is it that i can log into gero's project? what happens if I make changes?
20:42:18  <mattpardee_>ggoodman all public projects are public
20:42:23  <mattpardee_>it's in read-only mode
20:42:27  <ggoodman>ahh
20:42:51  <ggoodman>didn't realize that.. so I can share the WIP of my project w/ people w/o them having edit access?
20:42:58  <mattpardee_>yep
20:43:01  <gero3>I try to build the project which I do when I run utils/build.js --all --minified
20:43:41  <mattpardee_>gero3 and then what happens?
20:45:51  <gero3>and then this
20:45:53  <gero3>http://imageshack.us/content_round.php?page=done&l=img825/2387/c9nodejshangs.png
20:46:14  <ggoodman>mattpardee_: when we will be able to run cmds, will it be for packages installed in locally or globally or both?
20:48:12  <mattpardee_>ggoodman locally right now but in my fix I'll see if I can get global packages in also
20:48:15  <mattpardee_>that would be ideal ofc
20:48:42  <ggoodman>by global i mean npm install -g
20:49:03  <mattpardee_>yes
20:49:26  <mattpardee_>gero3 what if you try node v0.4.x in the options
20:49:46  <mattpardee_>gero3 I'm not sure because it seems likely to be an issue with that specific build script
20:50:30  <gero3>I'll try to build another
20:53:27  <gero3>mattpardee_ I get the same problem with a script that has only 'console.log("test")' as contents
20:53:50  <mattpardee_>gero3 ok can you send a bug report?
20:53:51  <gero3>same project
20:55:25  <gero3>okay done
20:55:32  <mattpardee_>tyvm
20:59:21  <ggoodman>mattpardee_: are changes made to files after starting an app not made to the versions of files that are being used for running the app?
20:59:46  <mattpardee_>what
20:59:54  <mattpardee_>hehe
21:00:37  * kwmiebach_quit (Quit: Leaving)
21:01:17  <ggoodman>yeah, not clear
21:01:43  <ggoodman>Changes to files loaded dynamically by my app are not being reflected in the running instance
21:01:51  <ggoodman>even after restart it seems
21:04:00  <gero3>damn mattpardee_
21:04:14  <gero3>I know what's wrong
21:04:51  <gero3>the files of my threejs project are not linked anymore with my aacount again
21:04:59  <gero3>account
21:05:19  <justicefries>have you tried grunt gero3?
21:05:25  <justicefries>it may solve your problems.
21:05:30  <justicefries>because grunt rules
21:06:09  <justicefries>oh
21:06:15  <justicefries>it's actually three.js
21:06:18  <justicefries>not your app using three.js
21:06:19  <justicefries>I SEE
21:06:52  <gero3> yep I actually was building parts of threejs
21:08:50  <ggoodman>lol this is driving me insane
21:09:07  <ggoodman>one of my files is not updating in the running instance of my app while others are
21:15:44  <gero3>thank you mattpardee_
21:15:49  <gero3>seems to be fixed
21:33:19  * usabrad86_afkchanged nick to usabrad86
21:33:36  <usabrad86>so no beta on my account
21:33:45  <usabrad86>yet
21:34:30  <mattpardee_>what's your username again
21:34:45  <usabrad86>c9.io/bmatusiak
21:38:20  <mattpardee_>ok I just removed and added you again
21:39:13  <justicefries>mattpardee_: what's the intent for jade and stylus highlighting?
21:39:16  <justicefries>in ACE?
21:40:03  <gjtorikian>the intent? i'm sure it'll happen, it's only a matter of time
21:40:16  <gjtorikian>i myself use jade in a few projects, i just don't have the time to write the highlighter for it
21:40:28  <usabrad86>mattpardee_: works now, thanks
21:40:37  <gjtorikian>plus i want highlight + code folding
21:41:09  <justicefries>s/intent/plans, I'm not sure why I wrote intent.
21:41:10  <justicefries>yeah
21:41:32  <justicefries>I haven't looked into how ACE highlighters are structured, but I'd be happy to write one.
21:41:40  <justicefries>if it could make it into beta. ;)
21:42:52  <gjtorikian>I am guessing you're not this person: https://github.com/ajaxorg/ace/issues/801
21:43:16  <justicefries>nope.
21:43:19  <justicefries>i'm gerred on github
21:43:29  <mattpardee_>little known fact
21:43:32  <mattpardee_>he's also gerred in real life
21:43:37  <justicefries>^
21:43:37  <gjtorikian>whoa.
21:43:52  <justicefries>yeah, pretty amazing.
21:43:57  <gjtorikian>not that i'm suggesting you go run out and do it, but, there is a wiki on writing highlighters: https://github.com/ajaxorg/ace/wiki/Creating-or-Extending-an-Edit-Mode#wiki-extendingTheHighlighter
21:44:02  <gjtorikian>they appear daunting, but not really
21:44:26  <gjtorikian>they're based on tmLanguage syntax highlighting rules--just a bunch of regular expressions--which is why I posted the source for those in the issue above
21:44:33  * ggoodmanquit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
21:44:46  <justicefries>yeah, was just looking through the source for the LESS highlighter.
21:44:58  * gero3quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
21:45:19  <mattpardee_>this? https://github.com/ajaxorg/cloud9/pull/1707
21:45:49  <justicefries>no, the one already in there.
21:45:51  <mattpardee_>I am going to kill github
21:45:54  <justicefries>https://github.com/ajaxorg/ace/blob/master/lib/ace/mode/less_highlight_rules.js
21:46:19  <justicefries>oh I see it's being added to cloud9
21:46:43  <mattpardee_>oh this is a popdown menu? http://screencast.com/t/q47hmXVpm
21:46:44  <justicefries>seems like a pretty straightforward port from the tmbundle.
21:46:48  <mattpardee_>;-P
21:47:06  <gjtorikian>yeah, justicefries, we're clever like that
21:47:14  <gjtorikian>:D
21:47:24  <justicefries>yeah I got to sit and ooze in the cleverness two weeks ago in SF.
21:47:29  <justicefries>that sounds dirty.
21:47:31  <justicefries>matt did it to me.
21:47:44  <gjtorikian>show me on the doll where
21:48:02  <justicefries>show me in the CSS where the developer touched you.
21:48:02  <mattpardee_>the problem is I was molesting the doll
21:48:06  <justicefries>^
21:48:20  <mattpardee_>"This will look really bad in court", I said at the time
21:48:56  * mattpardee_awkward silence
21:49:04  <mattpardee_>quick change my name before they find me
21:49:06  * mattpardee_changed nick to mattpardee
21:49:24  <justicefries>pat mardee
21:52:27  <justicefries>huh the coffee script parser in ACE is using a web worker?
21:52:29  <justicefries>if it can?
22:02:17  <usabrad86>asking request for console command
22:02:32  <usabrad86>vim FILE <-- opens file in vim mode :P
22:21:28  * ceejquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:22:07  * ceejjoined
22:24:00  * ceejquit (Remote host closed the connection)
23:04:38  * cadornquit (Quit: cadorn)
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