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08:09:42  <justicefries>evening all
08:10:57  <mattpardee>good evening sir
08:14:14  <justicefries>what's up?
08:14:21  <mattpardee>just being amazing
08:14:30  <mattpardee>riding reindeers down the streets of SF
08:14:30  <justicefries>excellent.
08:14:37  <justicefries>that's a good way to go
08:14:46  <mattpardee>it's gotten pretty bad here man
08:14:47  <justicefries>i'm trolling airbnb finding a place to stay for tomorrow night and wednesday night
08:14:53  <justicefries>reindeers everywhere?
08:14:56  <mattpardee>yeah see if you can find a bomb shelter
08:15:32  <mattpardee>I hear AOL is a good place to stay
08:15:43  <justicefries>hahahaha
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08:18:54  <justicefries>http://www.airbnb.com/rooms/472371 this could either be awesome or I could get stabbed.
08:19:42  <mattpardee>what is this guy, a physicist?
08:19:52  <mattpardee>"The internet exists, but it doesn't"
08:20:14  <mattpardee>"I haven't opened this door in a while so I don't know if these beds are still here"
08:20:22  <justicefries>hahaha
08:20:34  <justicefries>apparently she's facebook friends with paul irish and leah culver, though.
08:23:22  <justicefries>what's the worst that could happen
08:23:45  <mattpardee>no cereal, stabbing, human caterpillar
08:24:09  <mattpardee>too bad I don't live here or I'd have you stay in my awesome future house
08:24:13  <justicefries>but hell of a fruit salad.
08:24:44  <justicefries>there's some redditor offering to let me stay...
08:24:47  <justicefries>but it's a redditor..
08:25:29  <mattpardee>well according to my alcohol/noise barometer, everyone in the city is absolutely wasted right now
08:26:11  <justicefries>my flight leaves in 6 hours.
08:26:14  <mattpardee>so now is your best chance to secure a rom
08:26:14  <justicefries>i arrive at 10AM.
08:26:17  <justicefries>ugh.
08:26:17  <mattpardee>haha
08:26:18  <justicefries>haha yeah.
08:26:30  <justicefries>i may as well not sleep.
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08:26:48  <mattpardee>I'm figuring out to never fly in the morning, I always do that
08:26:57  <mattpardee>go to bed at 3 wake up at 5
08:27:22  <mattpardee>sleep for a solid 15 seconds on the plane before I break my neck in an old-man head jerking
08:27:42  <mattpardee>then I spend the rest of the flight somehow, not only wide awake, but the most alert I've ever been
08:27:55  <mattpardee>then for the rest of the day I'm the greatest asshole
08:28:05  <justicefries>my goal is gonna be to try and avoid having too much in SF. I get back Thursday night, only to fly to London about 8 hours later.
08:28:11  <justicefries>once I'm back in Denver I'm done flying, forever.
08:29:18  <mattpardee>how long will you be in london
08:29:31  <justicefries>9 days
08:35:22  <mattpardee>well come in to the office tomorrow or tues or wed or we'll see you at fluent
08:35:44  <justicefries>I was thinking of coming in tomorrow
08:35:46  <justicefries>that'd be fun.
08:35:57  <mattpardee>awesome
08:39:59  <justicefries>okay, so I'm staying at sketchy place on Wednesday.
08:40:31  <mattpardee>good idea
08:40:48  <justicefries>stay in a few bunk beds with some other sketchy dudes.
08:40:58  <justicefries>seems like the SF entrepreneur thing to do.
08:41:32  <mattpardee>I really was going to do the same thing for $20/night in denver, but the microsoft guys got me a discount at the hyatt
08:41:41  <mattpardee>so I only had to spend $650
08:42:09  <mattpardee>jk it was $110 or something, but there was a republican convention that day
08:42:18  <mattpardee>so I could barely make my way through the USA sweaters
08:42:25  <mattpardee>it was pretty traumatic
08:42:27  <justicefries>oh yeah
08:42:39  <justicefries>the democrats were all busy working.
08:42:40  <justicefries>at their jobs.
08:43:13  <mattpardee>they were busy fake booking all the rooms in downtown so the repubs had to go out of town
08:43:38  <justicefries>hahahaha
08:46:19  <mattpardee>dude this michael jordon account is hilarious
08:46:27  <mattpardee>Where does a bug go when it rains? I hope not in my house.
08:46:47  <justicefries>it's my favorite twitter account ever.
08:47:05  <justicefries>Silly me. I signed a check with Michael Gordon today. The bank took it anyway.
08:51:23  <mattpardee>about to test something that will either work or ignite my computer
08:52:10  <mattpardee>HOLY SHIT IT WORKED
08:52:32  <mattpardee>haha I can't wait to show you this tomorrow
08:52:38  <justicefries>mattpardee quits IRC (Broken pipe)
08:52:41  <justicefries>what is it?
08:52:43  <mattpardee>lol
08:53:04  <mattpardee>it's an amazing way to see where code changed in your file
08:53:16  <justicefries>oh nice.
09:28:20  <justicefries>mattpardee: so how do I get to the office?
09:28:56  <mattpardee>we're on 7th and harrison, about a mile from caltrain and closer to the market st. BART
09:29:05  <mattpardee>maybe 5 blocks from market st. bart
09:30:29  <mattpardee>it's an auspicious looking green industrial-sized building on the corner
09:30:39  <mattpardee>it looks like a secret factory
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10:26:33  <ace>hi there
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19:40:31  <illourr>hello
19:41:19  <mattpardee_>hello!
19:41:23  <illourr>matt!
19:41:30  <illourr>my premium has yet to activate
19:41:34  <illourr>since friday
19:41:43  <illourr>:(
19:44:39  <mattpardee_>crap
19:44:53  <mattpardee_>one sec
19:47:50  <mattpardee_>illourr if you cancel your paypal payment
19:47:57  <mattpardee_>and then re-do it from Cloud9
19:48:02  <mattpardee_>would that work?
19:48:13  <mattpardee_>we will absolutely refund you for the charges you've incurred already
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20:05:02  <illourr>let me try
20:06:28  <illourr>cancelled the recurring payment
20:06:35  <illourr>which was started on may 24th
20:06:47  <illourr>you want me to try upgrading again?
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