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03:31:33  <suisig>yes, got a free a/c. I can push and run the "twitter-rabbit" service with my a/c.
03:34:47  <suisig>I tried to run the "rabbit2socket" on cloud9ide (in debug mode) but fail in finding the "twitter-rabbit" service.
03:35:05  <suisig>the demo app I am experimenting is from https://github.com/cloudfoundry-samples/twitter-rabbit-socks-sample
03:37:07  <suisig>it fail at this line var rabbitUrl = cloudapp.serviceProps["twitter-rabbit"].url;
03:40:31  <mattpardee>suisig because those examples require the cloudfoundry runtime
03:40:53  <mattpardee>and, well, that may not be the root problem
03:41:03  <mattpardee>but they expect it to be running on CloudFoundry
03:41:11  <mattpardee>so I don't know if I would rely on those examples
03:41:51  <suisig> I do a "npm install cf-runtime .. on cloud9
03:42:59  <mattpardee>technically with that project you would just do "npm install"
03:43:11  <suisig>I understand the demo app is created to run on cloudfoundary.
03:43:26  <mattpardee>so that it installs all the dependencies from package.json
03:43:33  <suisig>yup.
03:43:37  <mattpardee>the problem may be with using express to createServer
03:43:54  <mattpardee>on Cloud9 you have to run servers with the IP set to "" and the port set to "process.env.PORT"
03:44:04  <suisig>ya, actually I am wondering should I use the 'cf-runtime' at all.
03:44:07  <mattpardee>(no quotes on process.env.PORT)
03:44:20  <suisig>you see, I am actually running on "c9.io"
03:44:55  <suisig>however, I need to know the value of "rabbitUrl"
03:45:49  <suisig>thanks for those tips on the IP and Port. I am aware of that.
03:46:31  <mattpardee>what error do you get from that line?
03:47:10  <suisig>TypeError: Cannot read property 'url' of undefined
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04:46:35  <wingie>will c9 be available for ipad?
04:47:31  <mattpardee>probably not for a long while
04:47:38  <wingie>http://support.cloud9ide.com/entries/20714998-touch-enable-interface
04:47:49  <wingie>many would want that :(
04:48:19  <mattpardee>couple things - I don't think it's that difficult to get the current one to work with touch events
04:48:29  <mattpardee>probably one line of code
04:48:40  <mattpardee>but 1. I don't know how ACE performs on mobile
04:48:51  <mattpardee>that is, ACE the editor not ACE the person in here :-P
04:49:02  <wingie>i think there needs to be an ipad app for it to be successful
04:49:03  <mattpardee>2. The interface isn't optimized for mobile
04:49:25  <mattpardee>and 3. I'm not fully convinced of the merits of development on an iPad
04:49:29  <mattpardee>not that it can't be done of course
04:49:55  <mattpardee>but we may suffer if we optimize for a platform that hasn't been proven for heavy development
04:50:09  <mattpardee>(that said, I'm not the decision maker)
04:50:12  <wingie>its cool to bring your code with you no matter where you are
04:50:22  <wingie>ipad is so much less clumsy than my macbook :)
04:50:32  <wingie>right
04:51:10  <mattpardee>in other words, if we were to make an iPad version we would put *a lot* of thought into it
04:51:13  <mattpardee>especially the UI
04:51:18  <wingie>yeah
04:51:21  <mattpardee>and the speed of execution
04:51:59  <mattpardee>one thing's for sureā€¦ users do not like crappy iPad apps
04:52:01  <wingie>i wonder how you would test the UI for normal browsers then
04:52:13  <wingie>if you are just holding an ipad
04:52:27  <wingie>perhaps the mobile browser is very similar? but it reacts only to touch
04:53:18  <wingie>but of course you could do none UI coding and mobile browser/iphone or ipad app development
04:58:54  <mattpardee>I should sit down sometime and think about all the different scenarios where I program
04:59:10  <mattpardee>first I don't think I could develop using an iPad on a plane, train or in a car
04:59:21  <mattpardee>cause I need something to keep the screen stable
04:59:48  <mattpardee>what about connecting the iPad to a large screen, an apple display for example?
04:59:50  <mattpardee>is that possible
04:59:58  <mattpardee>the new ones are powered by thunderbolt
04:59:58  <wingie>you are right
05:00:20  <wingie>sounds like i need a macbook air for development :)
05:00:54  <mattpardee>I guess ideally there wouldn't be a cable at all
05:01:02  <mattpardee>airplay to the screen
05:01:18  <mattpardee>but then that kind of defeats the whole point of developing for the iPad in the first place: to make mobile dev easier
05:01:32  <mattpardee>so basically development on the iPad today is super ideal if you can do it seated somewhere and you're not at home
05:01:38  <mattpardee>somewhere stable* :)
05:01:54  <mattpardee>in a hotel room or at a conference, relative's house
05:02:16  <wingie>i have a wireless keyboard
05:02:32  <wingie>and the cover for the screen could be used to hold up the screen
05:02:39  <mattpardee>yes
05:02:42  <wingie>so it is standing like a monitor
05:02:52  <mattpardee>so maybe an airplane or train wouldn't be so bad
05:03:06  <mattpardee>if you had a platform in front of you
05:03:11  <wingie>yeah
05:03:14  <wingie>but there is no good IDE
05:03:25  <wingie>and native shell environment for node.js etc
05:03:42  <mattpardee>My opinion is then compared to the macbook air, the air is definitely superior in these cases
05:03:54  <mattpardee>unless on a super tiny seat airplane
05:04:19  <mattpardee>I must be missing something else
05:04:24  <wingie>the upside with ipad is that im taking it with me everywhere :)
05:04:25  <mattpardee>the ipad would be good for everything non-typing
05:05:30  <wingie>i hope one day ipad could "replace" desktop/laptop/iphone
05:05:38  <wingie>since i can do Skype in it as well
05:06:11  <mattpardee>programming is an interesting activity though
05:06:35  <mattpardee>because unless you're very seasoned with the programming language you're using, you're almost always doing information discovery while developing
05:06:44  <wingie>yeah most of the time im _not_ programming since im not in front of my computer .. but with the ipad i could be coding non stop :)
05:06:48  <mattpardee>searching, researching, getting pro tips, documentation etc
05:07:07  <mattpardee>a one-window focused environment may not be ideal
05:07:18  <mattpardee>in fact the user experience may be much worse than using a desktop OS
05:07:32  <wingie>unless you can "switch" window very quickly
05:07:37  <wingie>kinda like multiple screens
05:07:45  <mattpardee>true, that might work well
05:07:52  <mattpardee>if it was very fast and you didn't lose anything
05:08:10  <mattpardee>scratch the lose anything part, I just mean very fast
05:08:41  <wingie>c9 could make this happen :)
05:09:28  <mattpardee>I don't think the mobile experience right now is superior than a laptop or desktop experience
05:10:26  <mattpardee>also I'm wondering, even if the display could be mirrored on a monitor, the interface would have to be different
05:10:47  <wingie>yeah .. for ipad only
05:10:51  <mattpardee>right exactly
05:11:17  <mattpardee>it'd be a mischaracterization to call it the least common denominator, but in this case you're playing for the finger
05:11:41  <mattpardee>not perhaps for the most ideal interface on the most efficient, ideal platform
05:12:03  <wingie>but since i believe that tablets are the format to stay and laptops would be more like antiques in the future that would make sense
05:12:04  <mattpardee>Jobs made the case that the iPad is better at some things than a laptop
05:12:05  <mattpardee>and a phone
05:12:08  <mattpardee>and I think that's true
05:12:16  <mattpardee>but in the case of development, is it worth our time trying to prove that?
05:12:23  <mattpardee>we'd have to make a pretty strong case with a lot of thought
05:13:13  <mattpardee>well
05:13:20  <mattpardee>I don't think that PCs are going away anytime soon
05:13:21  <wingie>yeah .. time will tell .. i guess we are stuck with the desktop/laptop environment for development for now
05:13:27  <mattpardee>hehe
05:13:34  <mattpardee>I kinda like my laptop
05:13:40  <mattpardee>ok actually I probably need to get an Air soon
05:13:40  <wingie>i hate it :)
05:22:33  <wingie>mattpardee: i think i've got it .. i can run an ssh app in my ipad to a server .. then i just use vim :)
05:22:56  <mattpardee>true :)
05:23:11  <mattpardee>in that case I recommend iSSH
05:23:13  <mattpardee>very good app
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05:47:26  <wingie>mattpardee: it was a good one indeed
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16:48:26  <justicefries>re: your conversation last night mattpardee, check out Codea.
16:48:31  <justicefries>Lua interpreter/runner on the iPad.
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