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02:00:36  <Leemp2>mattpardee, all: c9.io is doing that server thing again :/
02:00:41  <Leemp2>Ie, not loading, etc
02:00:46  <Leemp2>need to run out though, back in 15
02:33:58  <Leemp2>Man, c9.io has been crap since the update lol.
02:35:57  <Leemp2>And my local install of c9 fails due to an "sm error"
02:36:15  <Leemp2>Need to roll through the repo to find cloud9 before all this stuff was put into it :/
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06:44:27  <mattpardee>leemp what's it doing?
06:44:42  <mattpardee>can't remember what you said before
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14:39:10  <Leemp>mattpardee: It's not loading properly
14:39:29  <Leemp>c9.io, c9.io/me, c9.io/me/project, all do not load properly. (that is to say, partially load)
14:39:39  <Leemp>It has something to do with cached content i think.
14:40:07  <Leemp>I've done by best to remove all c9.io content, but i think i need to wipe everything (which really sucks.. )
14:41:43  <Leemp>The reason i think this, is because currently c9.io does not load fully for me in my 'normal browser'. Well, if i open up incognito mode and visit c9.io, it loads fine. Hell, i can even log in fine.
14:42:42  <Leemp>Now, i've cleared all site data pertaining to c9.io, but that hasn't helped. Unless there is some weird namespace you guys use that i can't find.. i think that would be everything, right?
14:43:35  <Leemp>hah! Got it
14:44:04  <Leemp>It's that dammed bug in c9 that hangs up anytime you have an existing c9 window open too long.
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19:14:05  <hillct>Good afternoon all. I'm working with the locally hosted version of C9 and have run into an issue locating the static files which the C9 blog indicates have been moved to Amazon Cloudfront for the cloud version of the product, but it's not clear where the repo of those static files can be retrieved for local use. Are they available somewhere I haven't looked, or am I meant to adjust a configuration setting to proxy requests for those fi
19:14:05  <hillct>to AWS somewhere?
19:15:36  <mattpardee>hi hillct
19:15:42  <mattpardee>those static files are for the hosted version
19:15:43  <hillct>hi
19:15:50  <mattpardee>the local version serves everything locally
19:16:06  <mattpardee>the static assets on the hosted version are the same as the local ones
19:16:17  <mattpardee>it's just that on the hosted site, we prefix the URL with the Git commit hash
19:16:24  <mattpardee>so you no longer have to clear your cache to see the latest changes
19:16:59  <mattpardee>(that was the significance of that blog post, was about the commit hash prefix)
19:17:13  <mattpardee>are you having trouble running the local version?
19:17:39  <hillct>I would expect that, though the local version, as retrieved via the Git Repo doesn't seem to include the relevent static assets themselves which the code sugests should be housed in a directory /static
19:18:01  <hillct>the software itself runs, in that the noe server starts
19:18:26  <hillct>the issue I see is it can't locate the static assets such as dashboard.html or any o the other UI elements
19:18:43  <mattpardee>ah
19:19:00  <mattpardee>so we use connect and I believe that is what routes the static assets
19:19:07  <mattpardee>the /static URL is just a matter of convenience
19:19:31  <mattpardee>in other words, there is no static folder
19:19:40  <hillct>yes
19:19:41  <gjtorikian>static assets are located, in master, in plugins-client/ext.main/style
19:19:43  <mattpardee>what we do is we register the paths of different components to the static router
19:19:59  <mattpardee>ah yes, garen will know more about this since this recently changed
19:20:24  <mattpardee>hillct the only other thing I would add is the dashboard isn't available in the local version
19:20:29  <hillct>I gather then it's a matter of a configuration adjustment, to establish the relevent route
19:20:35  <mattpardee>yes
19:20:38  <gjtorikian>each plugin can have its own "style", that gets routed to static/; but the majority of images and CSS arel ocated under ext.main
19:21:22  <mattpardee>hillct if you're curious about the HTML entry point for the IDE, look up ide.tmpl.html
19:21:45  <hillct>checking
19:22:24  * Leempquit (Quit: Leaving)
19:22:50  <hillct>I see. plugins-server/cloud9.core
19:22:52  <hillct>neat
19:23:13  <hillct>so it just a matter of establishing the proper routes
19:24:14  <mattpardee>we used to do that in paths.js… or paths.json? I can't remember
19:24:26  <mattpardee>but the technique used was deprecated in node v0.6.x
19:24:33  <mattpardee>now I'm not sure, lemme see
19:24:35  <mattpardee>garen do you know?
19:25:00  <hillct>I'm not amiliar with the C9 dev team yet
19:25:15  <hillct>this is my first day working with it
19:25:35  <mattpardee>http://c9.io/site/company/team/
19:25:38  <hillct>oh, you were asking him... not whether I knew him
19:26:02  <mattpardee>hehe :)
19:26:44  <gjtorikian>yes, I was just looking at it the other day
19:26:49  <gjtorikian>let me find it, hold on
19:27:16  * hillctstarts matching handles with people...
19:27:48  <gjtorikian>plugins-server/cloud9.static does the routing
19:27:55  <gjtorikian>it's like, now, each plugin defines its "mount point"
19:28:08  <gjtorikian>and cloud9.static takes that mount point and converts it relative to a /static dir
19:28:26  <gjtorikian>i only just learned about this yesterday so i'm not 100% clear on the specifics
19:29:05  <gjtorikian>but if you look at, for example, plugins-client/cloud9.core/cloud9-lib.js
19:29:31  <gjtorikian>it defines its mount point as "/", and adds the statics from __dirname + "/www"
19:29:37  <hillct>I see the mount statements in the terminal window at startup that seem to relate to the various plugins
19:30:14  <gjtorikian>note to self: document this
19:30:16  <hillct>I'm only getting a fraction of the UI as seen here
19:30:17  <hillct>http://vs01.pinnacledigital.com:3000/
19:30:23  * Leempjoined
19:30:32  <gjtorikian>right, that's actually to be expected
19:30:38  <gjtorikian>some of our stuff is closed-source--like deploy
19:31:05  <hillct>ok. ANy hints on navigation from this screen then?
19:31:22  <mattpardee>well actually you're getting 404s
19:31:32  <mattpardee>on some of the files
19:31:44  <hillct>presumably so
19:31:45  <gjtorikian>ah, have you built ace
19:31:50  <hillct>I have
19:31:55  <mattpardee>make clean
19:31:56  <mattpardee>make build
19:31:57  <mattpardee>?
19:32:04  <hillct>will do. one sec
19:32:09  <mattpardee>in the ace folder, at least
19:33:24  <hillct>no makefile in ace. Can do an NPM build... is that what you meant?
19:33:42  <gjtorikian>https://github.com/ajaxorg/ace/blob/master/Makefile
19:33:47  <gjtorikian>there is definitely a makefile
19:34:05  <hillct>could have been NPM retrieved from other than the git repo
19:34:14  <gjtorikian>let's start from the top--presumably you did a gitclone of the cloud9 repo
19:34:17  <hillct>will retrieve ace again and rebuild
19:34:21  <gjtorikian>and presumably you're doing this from master
19:34:25  <hillct>yes
19:34:33  <gjtorikian>we recently changed our toolchain and the docs/readme are not up to snuff
19:34:57  <gjtorikian>have you installed a tool from npm called sourcemint ?
19:35:25  <hillct>I was actually working from a 3rd party article, presumably much older than even out of date docs http://www.cambus.net/setting-up-a-node-js-development-environment-with-npm-and-cloud9-ide-installed-locally/
19:35:41  <gjtorikian>oh my, yes
19:35:53  <gjtorikian>i'll email that guy
19:36:00  <gjtorikian>things have totally changed as of literally a few days ago
19:36:03  <hillct>I shoul possibly redo this going from your docs
19:36:13  <gjtorikian>I would read this: https://github.com/ajaxorg/cloud9/blob/master/README.md
19:36:29  <gjtorikian>long story short we moved to a system away from npm because it was getting harder to manage our dependencies
19:36:37  <gjtorikian>so we've developed our own sort of package manager
19:37:02  <mattpardee>actually sm uses npm
19:37:08  <gjtorikian>and to top it all off we no logner need node v4 (as the article states), but rather nodev6
19:37:20  <gjtorikian>well, it uses npm + git hashes
19:37:32  <mattpardee>actually I'm gonna step out
19:37:33  <mattpardee>hahaha
19:37:39  <mattpardee>cause I think I'll just complicate this :-P
19:37:49  <mattpardee>going to get lunch, bbnl
19:39:03  <hillct>ok, I've cloned a new clean cloud9 repo
19:39:25  <hillct>Which docs should I refer to? if I run into something that doesn't work as I go I'll just let you know
19:39:42  <gjtorikian>our readme is the most legit: https://github.com/ajaxorg/cloud9/blob/master/README.md
19:39:51  <gjtorikian>i was wrong earlier when I said the docs were not up to date
19:40:24  <hillct>K
19:44:20  <hillct>seems keys are invalid, when retrieving cloud9 repo via sm
19:44:22  <hillct>Warning: Permanently added 'github.com,' (RSA) to the list of known hosts.
19:44:22  <hillct>Permission denied (publickey).
19:44:22  <hillct>fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly
19:46:33  <hillct>Is that a function of my not having setup the local account being used, with my own github key? I presume not...
19:49:11  <gjtorikian>that's weird
19:49:49  <gjtorikian>try doing just git clone (cloud9repo)
19:50:11  <gjtorikian>then cd into the repo, and type sm install
19:50:26  <hillct>yeah, removing the --dev option presumably retrieves read-only
19:50:29  <gjtorikian>(sm clone --dev is a convenience; you can type sm clone -h to see what it's doing)
19:50:38  <hillct>ah
19:53:20  <hillct>gjtorikian: might be worthwhile to slide a sudo into the npm -g command here Sourcemint: npm install -g sm
19:55:37  <hillct>also, when doing the sm update you get a warning about building WS without native bindings. I presume there's a way to pass the proper with-native argument to sm in there somewhere
20:11:30  <hillct>Also there appears to be some strangeness related to IP and port artuments to cloud9.sh in that the -l or --ip arguments are ignored entirely
20:11:57  <hillct>so I had to set the IP in configs/default.js
20:14:10  <hillct>It does seem to be up and running now though. Thanks for your help
20:15:36  * wingiejoined
20:16:04  <wingie>mattpardee: how is it going with the latest c9?
20:16:30  <gjtorikian>hillct: it should be -p
20:16:36  <gjtorikian>for port
20:17:29  <hillct>yeah, the issue I had with port seems to have been a system issue where it was reporting the socket still in use from the previous attempt
20:18:04  <hillct>but when I launched it on port 3001 it still started on port 3000
20:18:34  <hillct>so not certain o that's a local system issue on my end, or ignored args, or both
20:19:59  <gjtorikian>i would wager ignored args, actually
20:20:05  <gjtorikian>there was a bug fixed around -d
20:35:01  <Leemp>Does sm need to be installed globally?
20:35:23  <Leemp>I tried installing the recent master branch of cloud9 recently and sm failed
21:22:28  * bergiequit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
21:59:02  <gjtorikian>Leemp: yes, it does
21:59:09  <gjtorikian>it's all in the readme <g>
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22:09:01  <Leemp>gjtorikian: So it won't even work if it's installed locally? Ugh :s
22:09:12  <Leemp>I hate global packages :/
22:09:28  <Leemp>sm seemed to work locally, but like i said, i ran into problems
22:09:38  <gjtorikian>to be honest, i never tried running it locally
22:09:40  <gjtorikian>what problems occured ?
22:10:18  <Leemp>It's been a couple days since i've seen the error, but it was during installation. It had something to do with 03 missing
22:10:59  <Leemp>gjtorikian: I'll try again and let you know what happens
22:26:19  <Leemp>Hmm, now it doesn't even get to the installation phase. Blah.
22:26:54  <gjtorikian>so what happens
22:26:57  <gjtorikian>you run sm clone, and then ?
22:27:32  <Leemp>sm error, File : /home/lee/projects/cloud9/node_modules/sm/node_modules/sourcemint-pm-sm/lib/commands/clone.js @ 45 : 37
22:28:25  <Leemp>gjtorikian: https://gist.github.com/668064d9d3a8746304f1
22:28:50  * piscisaureus_quit (Quit: ~ Trillian Astra - www.trillian.im ~)
22:28:56  <gjtorikian>what does your sm --version say ?
22:31:08  <Leemp>0.1.69
22:33:07  <Leemp>(Remember, i'm running a local version)
22:33:33  <gjtorikian>perhaps that is the problem
22:33:42  <Leemp>I guess :/
22:33:43  <gjtorikian>i've messaged cadorn, he developed sourcemint
22:34:04  <Leemp>Though, poluting your global namespace shouldn't be required, imo :/
22:34:10  <gjtorikian>just think of it as npm++ and your concerns about a global install will disaaaaapppeaaaaar
22:34:14  * gjtorikianwaves hands
22:34:17  <Leemp>lol
22:34:18  <gjtorikian>(did it work)
22:42:48  <Leemp>Not sure if that was a question or not, but no,i didn't install it globally :P
23:29:40  * gjtorikianquit (Quit: Textual IRC Client: http://www.textualapp.com/)
23:52:28  <Leemp>I think sm is just a clever way to make installing cloud9 locally that much harder
23:52:29  <Leemp>lol
23:53:08  <Leemp>https://gist.github.com/6e85b90b9389deadea7a
23:54:02  <Leemp>These are way i dislike projects that attempt to do everything. They always fall short, and end up excluding development paths and/or tools.
23:54:44  <Leemp>I'm guessing now to use sm properly, i need to forget using nvm. heh.
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