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03:05:58  <vonWolfehaus>If anyone is around, I was just wondering what it means for a project to be "public". Does it mean anyone on the web can view my source code, or...?
03:06:46  <mattpardee>vonWolfehaus yes
03:06:52  <mattpardee>while private projects only you can access the source
03:07:08  <mattpardee>a public project means anyone with your project URL can load up the IDE in read-only mode
03:07:13  <mattpardee>it's the effect of having a public project on github
03:07:22  <mattpardee>they can't do anything else with your code though, they're in a restricted state
03:07:23  <vonWolfehaus>ooohh I see, thank you, that's MUCH more clear
03:07:40  <mattpardee>I'm guessing you were misled by our wording on the homepage?
03:07:43  <mattpardee>or the dashboard?
03:07:48  <vonWolfehaus>Yes
03:08:10  <vonWolfehaus>homepage. no idea what "public" means to an IDE project hosted online
03:08:30  <vonWolfehaus>github, svn, sure, public is obvious. but not this whole project thing :(
03:08:46  <mattpardee>gotcha
03:09:03  <mattpardee>thanks for the feedback though, we're going to make changes to our wording so things are communicated more clearly to our users
03:09:08  <vonWolfehaus>Any idea what happens if i go from Premium back to free? Do my private projects go back to public?
03:09:12  <mattpardee>or, potential users, perhaps, in this case :)
03:09:20  <vonWolfehaus>heh, that's great news :)
03:09:32  <mattpardee>vonWolfehaus good question, let me ask the team in an e-mail and I'll be able to get back to you
03:09:37  <mattpardee>actually no I remember now
03:09:40  <mattpardee>they're made public
03:09:45  <mattpardee>but you have time of course to remove them, etc
03:09:53  <vonWolfehaus>right. yikes.
03:10:01  <mattpardee>we put that wording in an e-mail though
03:11:26  <vonWolfehaus>Well... huh. I need a nodejs testing environment.
03:12:27  <mattpardee>vonWolfehaus if you're not crazy about working online, we do have our local editor
03:12:39  <mattpardee>the OSS version of Cloud9 works on your desktop, same browser interface
03:12:58  <mattpardee>without the dashboard and deploy options, but you can run node and get all the editing features
03:13:09  <vonWolfehaus>oh, that's awesome
03:13:14  <mattpardee>https://github.com/ajaxorg/cloud9
03:13:20  <vonWolfehaus>Thanks! I'll check it otu
03:13:26  <mattpardee>you don't even have to have node installed, we include binaries
03:13:43  <vonWolfehaus>Sounds good :)
03:13:45  <mattpardee>be warned: the binaries we include are for v0.4.x of node, so v0.6.x node code won't run
03:13:46  <mattpardee>however
03:14:00  <mattpardee>you can install node on your system and start Cloud9 up with a flag, -d [path/to/node]
03:14:15  <mattpardee>and so when you click "Run" or "Debug" in the toolbar, it'll use that version of node
03:14:19  <vonWolfehaus>ah, since i already have node on here, i'll probalby do that then
03:14:26  <vonWolfehaus>Very nice
03:14:39  <vonWolfehaus>Surprised c9 doesn't have pricing based on users, like most hosting sites.
03:15:07  <mattpardee>sorry that's not -d, it's -e
03:15:15  <mattpardee>vonWolfehaus we're gonna take a look at pricing again
03:15:28  <mattpardee>many people have given feedback to us on that
03:15:44  <vonWolfehaus>ah, that's good. responsive companies are the best :)
03:25:50  <vonWolfehaus>looks like i'm ok to deploy straight from git, so no fancy intermediaries needed. i'm a git newb so this is quite "interesting" ;)
03:25:54  <vonWolfehaus>thank you very much for your help
03:26:01  <mattpardee>no problem at all :)
03:26:05  <mattpardee>if you have any other feedback let me know
03:26:12  <vonWolfehaus>will do! cheers
03:26:16  * vonWolfehauspart
03:26:16  <mattpardee>cheers
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15:08:15  <ggoodman>Hello, I'd like to report a humanitarian concern with respect to the inhumane treatment of MAMAs.
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15:45:48  <bnoordhuis>ggoodman: i'm listening. i'm personally very into mamas
15:49:47  <ggoodman>Yes, two things: 1) Polygamous relationships are illegal in many countries and appear to be leading to mistreatment of MAMAs; 2) Appropriate burial rights do not appear to be respected in the case of MAMA execution whereby it would appear that carcasses are simply being left to rot in the open.
15:53:48  <bnoordhuis>there are so many things illegal, never stopped me before
15:54:02  <bnoordhuis>i view laws as guidelines, not hard rules
15:55:22  <ggoodman>:-)
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17:05:27  <Leemp2>Hmm, i need to make Cloud9 work with other languages dammit :s
17:08:52  <Leemp2>Before i go down that road, has any work been done with Cloud9 and enabling the console to actually directly input console? Some sort of cloud9.js --unlocked flag?
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17:48:18  <ggoodman>small interface bug: the loading spinner for a directory in the project files interface remains blue despite the item no longer being selected and turning gray
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17:49:21  <ggoodman>to reproduce: 1. establish high-latency connection w/ c9.io 2. attempt to open a directory 3. while that directory spinner is spinning, click the console. 4. spinner remains blue while item turns gray
17:50:11  <ggoodman>the directory (and spinner) are appropriately marked as 'not selected' if instead of clicking the console, another file/directory is selected
17:51:35  <Leemp2>mattpardee: ping
17:52:29  <mattpardee>ping pong
17:52:34  <mattpardee>ggoodman thanks for the tip
17:52:43  <mattpardee>only happens if you click the console?
17:52:54  <ggoodman>my latency dropped :/
17:53:06  <mattpardee>leemp2 yeah work is being done on that front w/ the console
17:53:10  <Leemp2>mattpardee: Any comment on my post above? And on that note, what is a good path to discuss the kinds of patches the C9 crew would be willing to take?
17:53:14  <Leemp2>mattpardee: Ah hah
17:53:29  <ggoodman>mattpardee: seems like clicking anything but the project files component triggers the error
17:53:53  <ggoodman>probably just the deselection logic differs for files/spinners
17:54:48  <Leemp2>mattpardee: Is there a specific branch posted that i can fork? Feels needless for me to reinvent the wheel if work has already been done on that front
17:55:17  <mattpardee>Leemp2 well the real issue is getting Cloud9 local to work with the hosted service when it comes to running apps
17:55:30  <mattpardee>since a few weeks ago the back-end was refactored re process management
17:55:50  <mattpardee>cloud9 local will get the same treatment in due time
17:56:12  <mattpardee>in the meantime I wouldn't recommend going down the road of running python or what-have-you
17:56:24  <mattpardee>the console work I'll be doing can open up the door to REPLs for Python though
17:56:30  <mattpardee>or even just a node REPL
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17:56:38  <Leemp2>Why not?
17:56:47  <mattpardee>well for the reason I listed above
17:56:48  <Leemp2>I'm thinking of just tossing a hack in
17:56:56  <Leemp2>I won't try to get it patched in
17:56:57  <mattpardee>I mean that's totally find, I don't mind if you do
17:57:00  <mattpardee>fine
17:57:01  <mattpardee>*
17:57:18  <mattpardee>but I didn't want you to put all the work in and have us refactor the local version in 3 weeks and negate the work you were doing
17:57:36  <mattpardee>in terms of process management
17:57:53  <Leemp2>Gotcha, yea. I'm just hoping to save myself the trouble of running a console when i have one in C9 :s
17:58:20  <Leemp2>mattpardee: Any word on running cloud9 on sub-urls? That is to say, http:/localhost/someproxy/cloud9 ?
17:58:47  <mattpardee>hmm I don't think we tackled any issues with that one
17:58:56  <Leemp2>mattpardee: I have a (very) old patch that made it work, but never put in a pull request it. I'm thinking about updating it and seeing if it can be pulled
17:59:19  <mattpardee>ok. we just updated cloud9 master to the packaged version of Cloud9
17:59:25  <mattpardee>and many URLs got changed around
17:59:28  <mattpardee>(FYI)
17:59:44  <Leemp2>The goal for my branch is simply to have a proxy service spin up and down c9 instances. The proxy would host each instance on a unique port, and proxy them to proxy/cloud9 urls
17:59:46  <Leemp2>k
17:59:47  <mattpardee>on the other hand now Cloud9 loads in about a second
17:59:56  <mattpardee>faster if cached ofc
17:59:58  <Leemp2>Might have to start from scratch then, no biggie
18:00:13  <Leemp2>I just didn't know if you guys were against that or what
18:00:54  <Leemp2>I can't wait till C9 can debug other apps. It'll be so nice :D
18:01:02  <Leemp2>(Unrelated topic :s)
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18:04:36  <ggoodman>Interface error #2: typing: `npm<space>` and then attempting to use the resulting scrollbar will close the scrollable list.
18:08:02  <mattpardee>ggoodman would you be willing to file any issues you see at https://github.com/ajaxorg/cloud9/issues ?
18:08:14  <mattpardee>that way everyone at Cloud9 can see it and the best person to fix it will take up the task
18:08:36  * paulcuthjoined
18:08:55  <ggoodman>It was a failed, but valiant attempt at laziness on my part
18:09:28  <mattpardee>haha
18:09:29  <mattpardee>:)
18:10:07  <ggoodman>man, connect-assets is awesome, but some of its magic is driving me insane these days
18:14:55  <ggoodman>done
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18:16:23  <mattpardee>ggoodman is that in the local version, hosted, which browser?
18:16:45  <ggoodman>c9.io
18:16:48  <ggoodman>both
18:17:00  <ggoodman>i mean both issues relate to the c9.io version
18:17:06  <mattpardee>k
18:17:41  * jimt_quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
18:18:02  <mattpardee>it's been fixed in local
18:18:09  <mattpardee>should be updated tomorrow
18:18:22  <ggoodman>close away ;-)
18:19:09  <mattpardee>done and done!
18:20:01  <ggoodman>ouch both!
18:20:35  <mattpardee>oh the CLI scrolling thing has been fixed
18:20:38  <mattpardee>but not the other
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20:44:42  <ggoodman>is it possible to pass envt vars to the running instance?
20:50:34  <mattpardee>ggoodman currently, not automatically, but it's a high prio task one of our devs is going to tackle very soon
20:50:57  <ggoodman>i can't tack it onto the cmdline args?
20:52:19  <Leemp2>Well if you're going to do that, do it :P, Nodejs has a env vars section that you can append (or so i would hope)
20:53:09  <Leemp2>Yea, process.env is a big list :)
20:54:34  <ggoodman>not sure i follow.. i just want to set a couple envt vars
20:55:33  <Leemp2>Right, so say you want to define random env vars via command line for your app on c9
20:56:21  <Leemp2>You could take in the command like args, make one like --env, and add the values given to it to process.env, for the rest of your app to treat as real environment variables
20:57:10  <ggoodman>Ah, that's interesting
20:57:25  <ggoodman>Leemp2: is there a simple way to pull cmdline args?
20:59:45  <Leemp2>Yea, i believe process.argv has it
21:00:34  <Leemp2>There are also modules to deal with command line arguments easier, parsers/etc. I'm sure there are many, but here is one, https://github.com/substack/node-optimist
21:01:52  <Leemp2>All of this is just a temporary hack of course, till c9.io gets real environment var setting, but it works for now :)
21:01:57  <justicefries>so, is c9 using c9 internally to make c9 yet? ;)
21:02:23  <mattpardee>most definitely :)
21:03:30  <justicefries>perfect
21:11:29  <justicefries>i guess I'll see what else I can break. ;)
21:12:01  <justicefries>i've thought of a few things for my wishlist.
21:12:52  <Leemp2>Standardized debugging so other languages can hook into c9's debugging interface? :)
21:13:43  <justicefries>Multiple console tabs (so that I can run guard watch), and a cloud9.settings "global" file, much like sublime, that allows me to set and configure various persistent settings.
21:13:46  <justicefries>IE VIM mode.
21:13:56  <justicefries>and by guard watch I mean
21:13:57  <justicefries>grunt watch
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21:30:56  <ggoodman>Leemp2: btw, thanks bigtime.. that approach worked like a charm
21:30:58  <ggoodman>time to go for me
21:31:05  <Leemp2>:)
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