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00:50:12  <indutny_sleeping>hm...
00:50:17  <indutny_sleeping>creationix: interesting
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00:52:29  <indutny_sleeping>creationix: btw, people seems to dislike @ and scope stuff
00:52:33  <indutny_sleeping>I mean *both*
00:53:19  <alejandromg>indutny_sleeping: do you have a roadmap for candor? I'd like to read it
00:55:12  <indutny_sleeping>alejandromg: I've a TODO
00:55:27  <creationix>I kinda preferred scope over @
00:55:53  <creationix>but from the VM's point of view, you can insert the scopes in the parser
00:56:46  <indutny_sleeping>creationix: yes
00:56:51  <indutny_sleeping>creationix: we can do as JS does
00:57:02  <indutny_sleeping>creationix: implicit scoping
00:57:03  <creationix>it's really easy at the parse stage to keep a list of seen variables in the local scope, and if one is referenced that's not local assume it's scoped in
00:57:39  <creationix>my preference is a close tie of implicit scoping or "scope" scoping
00:57:48  <creationix>@prefix looks really strange to me
00:57:55  <creationix>and I have to remember it every time I use a variable
00:58:03  <creationix>while "scope" i just have to don once a the start of a block
00:58:08  <indutny_sleeping>yeah
00:58:15  <indutny_sleeping>ok, let it be implicit scoping then
00:58:21  <indutny_sleeping>scope stuff is strange too
00:58:24  <creationix>my only real beef is the silent errors
00:58:26  <indutny_sleeping>confuses a lot of people
00:58:29  <creationix>they are a real pain to debug
00:58:49  <creationix>we don't need a full exception system
00:59:08  <creationix>but something would be nice other than just returning nil
00:59:36  <indutny_sleeping>ok, I'll think about it
00:59:37  <indutny_sleeping>gtg
00:59:39  <indutny_sleeping>sorry
00:59:40  <creationix>maybe a flag to run in strict mode (for development) where all errors exited the process immediately with a useful error message?
00:59:42  <creationix>ok
00:59:47  <indutny_sleeping>yeah
00:59:51  <indutny_sleeping>flag like that would be fine
01:00:09  <indutny_sleeping>ttyl
01:03:33  <creationix>and for non-strict mode, log a warning to stderr or something so it's still possible to do post-mortem debugging on live servers
01:09:48  <creationix>actually, if it's efficient, just let whoever is embedding candor decide. They give you a C callback function
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04:39:54  * creationixneeds to learn C++
04:40:10  <creationix>I'm trying to use this CWrapper class
05:28:50  <creationix>indutny_sleeping, something is wrong with the CWrapper constructor I think
05:31:43  <creationix>I subclassed CWrapper and created a new instance of my class
05:31:53  <creationix>I returned it to candor using Wrap()
05:32:10  <creationix>when I unwrap it on a different call, the pointer for my instance is way off
05:32:21  <creationix>and segfaults or acts randomly
06:42:24  <creationix>I ended up creating my own version of CWrapper that doesn't use double pointers. https://github.com/creationix/candor.io/blob/master/src/luv_timer.cc#L71-79
06:42:26  <creationix>it seems to work
06:42:29  <creationix>I'm off to bed now
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08:58:48  <indutny>creationix: hey
08:58:52  <indutny>are you still up?
09:01:13  <indutny>anyone up here?
09:41:33  <indutny>lexical scoping implemented https://github.com/indutny/candor/commit/dafbc05a433d4eaf8cf9db8985cb3fab1a6fdfa7
09:41:36  <indutny>gtg
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09:41:43  <indutny_away>going to get my books from UPS
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13:13:19  <indutny>creationix: removed readline stuff, will use fgets :)
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14:06:59  <indutny>cool
14:07:05  <indutny>implemented mod,shl, shr
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